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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chris Hedges Thinks Antifa Has Something To Do With Revolution

On Contact with Chris Hedges
A still from the conversation.

As one who identified in my youth as a “pacifist,” Chris Hedges’ views have been challenging to me over the last few years, particularly since #OccupyWallStreet, where he took a principled stance against the actions of the Black Bloc.

Hedges’ views of the Black Bloc, and Antifa, are lensed from a position of Total Revolution.

He is dead wrong to apply this logic to Antifa.

He has a point, to a degree, with the Black Bloc. Violence against property is an easy starting point for propaganda, as most of the Western world is still vested in the idea of private property, and in this context it’s easy to frighten the average citizen with images of black bandannas and shattered glass. No corporate media outlet is going to explain the degree to which some are frustrated by the absolute domination of corporate interests. It is a defensible position that he holds as regards to “winning hearts-and-minds” amongst the general populace.

His pacifist purism loses traction when it comes to Antifa vs. the “alt-right” (or, if we are to be honest, fascism or Nazism.) Nobody, not even the “elite overlords,” are openly defending this stunted sprout from the past. For sure, these people are being used to demoralize any progressive efforts, but it is a stupid and inflammatory tactic, regardless of whether the current president* of the United States is providing tacit cover. He is being used as well.

The left would be fools to let these trogs take over the streets, to frighten minorities and immigrants and the weak. This is not about a tactic towards Total Revolution - that banner is being taken up elsewhere.

To deride the courage of those who choose to stand at the front lines against these very violent bullies is to take “pacifism” to a ridiculous end. They are not fighting the revolution. They are protecting the women and the children and the vulnerable.

It is naive to think that if they disengaged it would result in more ebullient support for Total Revolution.

To claim that Antifa is filled with the “same lust for violence” as the troglodytes emerging from under their rocks to strike fear in the hearts of the vulnerable is sheer slander, Chris Hedges.

Watch the interview here.

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