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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Parable, Short And Bitter

Dead Man's Hand
Image from fine art america

Some people are sitting at a card table, playing cards. The card table is set squarely over some railroad tracks.

Because I want it that way.

Everyone is having a good time playing cards, except for one guy.

"I see a train coming," he says.

Another player rolls his eyes, and says, "You always focus on the negative."

"Yea, what about the important things in life?" says another, "like enjoying life in the moment."

"We're having a good time," agreed yet another.

"I'm just saying..."

"Why is the most important thing to you always the worst thing?"

"Well... because the worst thing is almost always the most important thing. If you were in an accident and bleeding from an artery, you would hope that the paramedic would not be distracted by scrapes and bruises..."

Eyes glower over a playing hand. "We're trying to enjoy ourselves, you're a downer, and you should just shut the fuck up."

The train impacted the card table with the expected result, and our "negative" guy has, finally, shut the fuck up.


Brought to you by Fukushima and the shadowmasters of our corporate media, who understand all too well just how rightfully terrified we would all be if they gave the unfolding disaster in Japan the attention it deserves. This is unmanageable, so they prefer fluffing the other kind of terror, which can be turned up or down like a thermostat.


  1. is there some universal truth I am missing here?

    1. Nah - just a temper tantrum. I'm angry and a little bit frightened about what's coming out of Japan.

      On another note, it's an odd coincidence that the only country ever nuked (by us, of course) is irradiating the Pacific Ocean over half a century later.

  2. I only know one other american who is aware of Fukushima. So counting you that now makes three of us. Reb

  3. I sat at my computer with a furrowed brow looking at the cards in the photo. “What an odd image”, I thought. Then I see that the image came from I click the link. I read the title ‘Wild Bill Hickok Dead Mans Hand’. Ah ha! (it always takes me awhile).

    You stirred my curiosity about Fukushima. I found this article on NBC; it has some interesting videos to watch too.

    1. Seen "Deadwood?" Wild Bill is one of the characters, and they dramatize his "Aces and Eights" moment. Good series - shows the evolution from lawless territory to incorporated governance. Three solid seasons.

  4. I watch 'Deadwood', yes, and I remember the incident when Bill got shot by the Coward Jack McCall. At first I was put off by the treatment of the prostitutes, but I enjoyed the script so much that I kept watching (all three seasons).
    Have a good day Michael.


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