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Friday, May 10, 2013

May 11 - National Train Day

Phoenix Turbo Train
Phoenix, 1972 - Image purloined from The Rogue Columnist

[Update 05/11:
Take the underground railroad from the depths of our shared pain to the light of a better day.
- soleri

The Rogue Columnist (Jon Talton) has brought it to our attention that tomorrow is National Train Day.

I can't stress enough how beneficial it would be to expand our national train system. Mr. Talton lays out the benefits nicely (bullet pointed teaser after the fold,) and besides those, I'd like to add only that we could sure use a WPA-like stimulus system to reinvigorate the country. Talk about a direct injection into the economy - employing loads of people to build railroads that will bring economic benefits for decades to come (paychecks mean spending money, businesspeople.)

Here're the teasers for Jon's article. Go read the whole thing:
  1. Seattle is better served by passenger rail than most American cities...
  2. Passenger rail is the most environmentally friendly way to move large numbers of people...
  3. With a nation of 315 million people, most in large urban areas, rail is an essential part of a multi-modal transportation system....
  4. Amtrak keeps setting ridership records...
  5. Given all these positives, why does Amtrak struggle for funding every year?...
  6. So you mean subsidies? Yes. Much more of American economic life is subsidized than most people realize...
  7. So should we have high-speed rail? Yes. We spend hours alone in our cars and think we're an advanced nation...
Happy National Train Day.

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