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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On The 50th Anniversary Year, H.P. Albarelli Releases JFK Research

A Secret Order
From the Forward:
H.P. Albarelli and others like him are indispensable to understanding the totality of the Truth of America, for she obscures her history in the service of an idealistic narrative that is becoming increasingly difficult to abide.
- Michael J. Petro
From my review at
...We come upon the 50th anniversary of the most controversial assassination of the most visible man in the world this November. One must draw one's own personal conclusions regarding this mystery, especially those of us of a certain generation. It would be short-sighted to do so without this volume.

It is a peculiar history indeed that the author of "A Secret Order" has preserved for us. These stories are about much, much more than the mystery of a Presidential assassination, and this book should be found on the shelf of any serious student of history.

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