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Monday, April 8, 2013

Moved By Maron Again

WTF with Marc Maron
Image found at WTF! with Marc Maron
Moved, that is, by Dean Delray, whom I'd never heard of before. Dean was drawn out, of course, by Marc, in my opinion the single best interviewer working today, in any medium. And this time you will be moved into the direction of joy.

I may be able to look back and find one better, but this is arguably the most "fun" interview I've heard on WTF (this is episode 376). Not only does Delray have one of those enviably interesting lives (teaser: Harley Zep Scorcese quesadillas Stones bootlegs Devo and bears), but the dude is having a party recounting it, and you're soon partying right along with him. Infectious. Effusive. Joy. And he turned Mick fucking Jagger on to a "new" Bob Marley boot.

Hey, I enjoy mostly all of Maron's interviews, but I rarely link to them from here - so this means I think this an especially good one. What, you still hanging around here? Go have fun: Episode 376 - Dean Delray

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