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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Making Sense Of Kim

Cartoon by Mike Keefe
[Update: 2013/04/04: A well considered opposing viewpoint from The Rogue Columnist here.]

Yes, I said "making sense." Stop laughing. This has to make sense somehow. Everything does, right?

So, North Korea is threatening a nuclear strike on United States territory.

I'm scribbling on the back of an envelope here. I only know what you know, what's "out there" on the Internet, what the media is feeding us, etc. I am just beholding what is, to me, this bizarre spectacle. Can this guy be serious?

Near as I can figure, Kim Jong-un needs to do some stuff domestically. We have become, here in the U.S. of A., all too familiar with the tactic of consolidating popular consensus by promulgating fear, so it is not too hard to comfort oneself with the idea that the Supreme Leader is doing pretty much the same thing.

But... why in the hell is the United States government responding to this nonsense?

I guess it must be that the United States and China have some interest in Kim's stabilization, and are doing our part in lending credibility to what is otherwise a ridiculous proposition. Why China? Well, besides the fact that I really, really doubt that we would be so cavalier with our deployments without a bit of a nod from them, I'm pretty sure that we don't have the necessary back-channels of communication with the DPRK in order to coordinate such breathtaking theater. China does. So we're in this together, China and North Korea and we.

To a lesser extent, our elites might enjoy a bit of domestic fear amongst some of our more gullible citizens right here at home as well. And so there's that.

Now, if I'm right and the nuclear threat is as nonsensical as I think it is, this is some expensive shit we're doing in order to accommodate this professed enemy of ours. But this makes sense as well, when you think about all of the palms that get greased whenever we move our military chess-pieces around.

Kim's going for that George W. Bush September 12th sheen, and we're obliging.

That's my take on it.

So, while I remain assured that there is absolutely zero percent of a threat to be worried about here, I reserve the right to be seriously annoyed at the resources being wasted in this offensive Big Board Game that the power-mongers of the world feel so comfortable in playing at.

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