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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alex Jones, Piers'd Off And Scared

Jones - A paranoid rant?

After Alex Jones appeared on Piers Morgan's joint to delight voyeurs of unhinged polemic everywhere, he posted the above video to document his narrow escape from the "Bloomberg mafia." Compelling, yes. Is it nutty, though, or consciously mendacious? Is there really a cadre of scary elitists who are sufficiently threatened by this "truth-teller" to have unleashed their thugs on him? Or is what Jones is reporting here merely a credibly expected reaction from law-enforcement to a man who just went on CNN and spouted, with spittle-flecked force, the nouveau-revolutionary rhetoric of Tea Party discontent? I say perhaps understandably, since the context of this "conversation" revolves around the sanctity of keeping said discontents armed with semi-automatic weapons.

What the hell is going on with this guy?

The Second Amendment - An aside

First of all, I understand completely just how sacred this whole gun-rights issue is to many, many people. There is a defensible logic to it provided, no less, by our own Constitution, so I can fault no one in his/her passions on the matter.

It is not asking too much of these folks, however, to understand how this defensiveness can be mistaken for zealotry - a zealotry not necessarily of the majority, but certainly an impassioned few who are a bit too obsessed with "the telephone company." A zealotry writ dangerous because the subject matter is guns - but not just "guns" but, in this case, military-style semi-automatic weapons. If only they'd just dial it back just a bit. Ah, but the slippery-slope thing... lawd, give me patience.

I have to say that I, personally, don't feel particularly threatened by this issue from either side. I simply don't hold guns in that high a regard. On the one hand, I generally agree with the over-used trope that "guns don't kill people" - on the other, I find weapons in general a useless and embarrassing stain on humanity's reputation.

Compared with the actual challenges that actual reality presents, however, this issue is trivial, it is not important. So y'all can duke it out all you want while I duck and cover. Fucking children.

Follow The Money?

What is going on with Jones?

I occasionally, here, characterize him as a "carnival-barker," a monger of conspiracy theory, a man interested solely in making hyperbolic videos for the simple purpose of that sweet, sweet lucre. I think it's a credible charge - Deep Throat's apocryphal dictum, "follow the money," is one that Jones himself uses to indict his targets, after all.

But look at that video. Either the man is the best actor in the world, or he is genuinely frightened (an ironic reveal is that his camp claims that Jones has made the "mafia"-protected Morgan nervous.) This can mean that he is on to something, or that he is batshit paranoid. As with all such things, I think there's a bit of truth to both of these. You can decide for yourself on this where lies the preponderance of blame, but I don't think you can credibly discount paranoia's role.

The merchant of fear is most likely extremely deep in his own rabbit-hole, and the human mind can only handle so much. Even if he began as a simple opportunist or, as some believe, a CIA "honeypot" to distract and distort credible inquiry, one can imagine that trading in such material has its own liabilities.


  1. Thanks Mike, an enjoyable read.

    He's full of his own sense of self-importance, a carnival barker sounds right to me albeit one with an equally paranoid audience.

    The Piers Morgan thing was remarkable, at no point did this man realise that dominating the conversation at a 90% ratio made him sound like a demented random quote machine the longer it went on.

    Yes, he's a brilliant actor..little more than that. I think he enjoys it.

  2. If he's really acting, then he's dangerously brilliant. Gives me the willies.

    (Thanks for dropping a comment, Tim.)


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