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Monday, November 26, 2012

Climate Change Nihilism, Dominionist Hubris, And A Word About Radicalism

Earth Burns

Chris Hedges has another post on climate change up at truthdig, with the the appropriately wrought title "Stand Still for the Apocalypse." The substance of the article is familiar territory for me and readers of this blog ("We have already passed the tipping point..."), and yet it has spun me into reverie - critical thinker that I am - on humanism, nihilism, Dominionism, radicalism... I'm going to excerpt from the article here, focusing on the "nits" that I wish to pick - please keep in mind that I'm doing a fairly narrow criticism here, and this criticism, along with the excerpts that I select do fair violence to what is otherwise a fine article, so yes, please click through read the whole thing. Hedges (my emphases):

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Twisting Of The American Mind III: Kicking The Can And Whistling Past The Graveyard

Triumph of Evil

...The liberal class clung desperately during the long nightmare of this political campaign to one or two issues, such as protecting a woman’s right to choose and gender equality, to justify its complicity in a monstrous evil. This moral fragmentation—using an isolated act of justice to define one’s self while ignoring the vast corporate assault on the nation and the ecosystem along with the pre-emptive violence of the imperial state—is moral and political capitulation. It fails to confront the evil we have become.


“People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction,” [James] Baldwin wrote, “and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster.
- Chris Hedges,
Death of the Liberal Class