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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Marc Maron And Raymond Lambert On Contemporary Racism

Maron & Lambert

Above find a short clip from this Monday's WTF podcast from Marc Maron. It's focused on a segment of his talk with comedy club operator Raymond Lambert (some excerpted quotes below). Catch the whole show (with, incidentally, much better audio quality than the clip), which includes Ali LeRoi and John Davies, on the making of Phunny Business: A Black Comedy. Here's the link: Episode 322 - Phunny Business
Lambert: If there was a broken bottle in the street - which we had absolutely nothing to do with - we would get blamed for that broken bottle being out there. So we had to clean the street for one block. When we left, at the end of the night, we examined the whole street.

Maron: you were always conscious of the fact, that if something goes down, in a one mile radius of a black owned business, the whole community's going to get blamed for it.

Lambert: You need to be thinking about it.
Also, catch Raymond's take on the special... ah... circumstances in which a Black President is situated.

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