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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once Again, Supreme Court Blesses The Ever-Ongoing Corporate Takeover Of America

Corporate Takeover

The "right" is sorely pissed off at the Supreme Court this morning, especially that "intellectual" branch of righties known as Libertarians.

This sends a clear signal, of course, to the professional "left" in this country that all is well in the checks-and-balances charade that our government has become.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

To All Of My New-Age-y Friends: With All Due Respect, Please Wake Up

Jetson's Wannabes
For example, this is stupid.

I once noted, to a friend, that those of the New-Age persuasion are friends of the Earth, and therefore are certainly friends of mine. However...

The Archdruid makes a point this week, and I wish to amplify it, because that's what blogs are for after all. (Ignore the fact that I have hundreds of readers to his tens of thousands. It's rather rude to point that out, isn't it?)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Everything Is Monetized, Shut Up And Get Used To It!


Guest post by groo, culled from the comments at Ian's place.

Now what is a bank?

The holder of deposits and lender of credit en par?

This was not even true 300 years ago.

In an ideal case, the "bank" is an arbitrageur between a holder of temporary surplus and a creditor of temporary deficit, plus a risk premium.

Never true.

Pious lie. No. Not pious. The pepper-sacks already were notorious cheaters.