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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Andrew "The Rorschach" Breitbart

Trailer for Hating Breitbart

I've got no obit for Mr. Breitbart - it's all been said and anyone who has a passing acquaintance with me could accurately write it for me anyway.

I just found my reaction fascinating to the trailer for the upcoming mockumentary... dammit, sorry... documentary Hating Breitbart. To me, it looked like the preview for a hit piece on the man.

Even within the context of the content of the trailer itself (first, empty your mind, grasshopper), the irony of this man characterizing his liberal foes as "divisive" shines forth. It closes with our protagonist staring down the camera with, "Fuck you" (pregnant pause, then, with a sharp whisper) "war" (sit back with small smug grin.)

If anything speaks to the lack of self-awareness of the right it is this, it is to see this as a lionization of the man, whereas to me it looks more like an indictment.

Or, perhaps, my own libtard lack of self-awareness prevents me to see that this man is a mere ink-blot, wherein I project my own moonbatty kumbayah dreams upon it and see a threat to the unicorn-and-rainbow future that I so fervently dream of.


Doin' that Breitbart thang

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