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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Earthworm's Portion Of Fate: Love, Work, And Dissent

Occupy Hazmat

Excerpted from a must-read piece by Phil Rockstroh at Common Dreams, Love, Work, and Dissent in a Time of Hazmat Suits and Political Hypochondria:
Mortified by [individuals engaged in the messiness of life], authoritarian personality types are obsessed with the fantasy of scouring (a panopticon/predator drone mode of mind) life of all disorder. Not only making the trains run on time but demanding that the passengers on said trains psyches be cleansed of impure thoughts…sanitized for their protection, then covered in a sort of societal prophylactic plastic to safeguard the principles of societal propriety--in short, have the populace rendered Body Bag People....

Yet love and work (the act of political protest falls into both of these categories) places one in a struggle with oneself, as well as with the powers that be. Oh, what vehement angels and dogma-besotted demons are unloosed by the process, and, often, it is difficult to discern the difference. Apropos, the latest leftist tempest as to whether the Black Block delivers belligerent balm or inflicts carcinogenic rancor to the OWS movement.
"Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once, beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything is in its deepest being is something that needs our love."--Rainer Maria Rilke
Still, many seem at a loss to understand why some are driven to struggle for a more just world, even though, time and time again, their ardor will be met by seemingly implacable, ruthless resistance…that one’s heart will be repeatedly broken.

One might as well ask, why one's heart yearns to move towards beauty?

We are compelled to move towards beauty and justice for the same reason a sunflower follows the course of the sun across the sky…opening, wheeling across the eternal moment, ripening and casting seeds of futurity beneath the heavens.

At our best, we are graced by the type of moments, engaged in craft and suspended in beauty, that an earthworm knows as earth passes through its body, as its body, in turn, passes through the body of the earth…Now, that is perfection achieved through labor; beauty incarnate; a living line of verse.

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