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Monday, December 5, 2011

Still Standing II: #OccupyDC - #OWS Day 80

Occupy DC Protesters Arrested (Raw Video - h/t Kevin Gosztola)

Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy DC is Still Standing:
For what it’s worth, Occupy DC released a statement on the winter structure that police tore down.
The modular structure was designed by professionals ‘to code’. It meets all health and safety requirements and is fully accessible. It is non-permanent, has no foundations and is not tethered to the ground. It’s designed to be movable every four days to protect the grass beneath the structure. The structure is fully sustainable–it is built to be entirely passively solar-heated and will feature a hydroponic irrigation system on the roof.

Occupiers consented to its construction at a General Assembly during the week of November 7th. It was deemed important to have shelter in order to protect the health and well being by preventing the risk of hypothermia or illness of those who come to the square to peacefully meet in the coming winter months. At a time when thousands of native District homeless struggle to survive in extreme weather conditions, Occupy DC feels that the structure makes a positive statement for equal housing opportunity and sustainable living.


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