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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#OccupySF Brutally Raided At 2 AM On Day 82 of #OWS - Also, #OccupyOregon

SF DPW disposing of #OccupySF protestor's belongings with a compacting garbage truck Dec 7th, 2011

[Update: Today's FDL liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Reports from #OccupyHomes Day of Action & More]

Kevin Gosztola (SFPD Mount Sneak Attack on #OccupySF After Emails No Longer Returned):
Early Wednesday morning, 2 am PST, hundreds of San Francisco police (SFPD) arrived at Justin Herman Plaza, the site of Occupy San Francisco.

Occupiers were asleep. They woke up to find they had five minutes to get their belongings and leave the Plaza...

Davey D reported fully functional bikes, entire backpacks with computers and the life savings of homeless people were all thrown away. Male officers searched peaceful female occupiers, which led to complaints of male officers feeling them up. The SFPD also rubbed one occupier’s face in the pavement, and on the UStream they could be seen sneering and laughing about the raid...

Occupy SF has a rally planned for 12 pm PST at 101 Market Street. Then at 6 pm PST they will rally at Justin Herman Plaza and decide how to move forward.
Emergency assemblies have been called for 12 noon and 6pm TODAY, December 7th. NOON RALLY at 101 Market. 6PM RALLY next to Justin Herman Plaza. Please attend to support and make your voice heard as we debate and decide how to move forward in light of this latest assault on our rights.
mzchief, reporting from Oregon (Eastern Oregonians In The Streets Asking “Where’s The Love And Where’dat Money Go?”):
Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) is kind of a sacred thing to Oregonians especially those living in mostly rural Eastern Oregon. I detect that folks are pleased that OPB sat up, took notice and sent David Nogueras to cover yesterday’s OccupyCD2 events around the State in US Congressional District 2 ( see the prior post, “Occupy CD2: Eastern Oregonians Ask “Where’s Walden?” )...

Occupy Wall Street Rag (Where'dat Money Go?)


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