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Friday, December 9, 2011

#OccupyPhoenix Raided This Morning - Day 84, #OWS

Hang in there, Phoenicians

Nice to see my former homies stepping up for #Occupy. DownTown Devil.

Kevin liveblogging from #OccupyBoston: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy Boston Still Standing & OWS Occupies ‘Law & Order’:
10:06 AM At midnight (scroll down for details on how this developed), Occupy Wall Street went to a “Law & Order: SVU” set and occupied a fake Zuccotti Park camp in Foley Square. What unfolded was incredibly surreal. It was a revolutionary guerrilla nonviolent action that Adbusters and the Yes Men might have planned. Except, the occupiers weren’t really protesting “Law & Order: SVU” (though in retrospect they could have because the story line for the episode will probably revolve around serial rapist living at the OWS camp). That made what was happening even more subversive. And quite frankly one wonders if Monty Python would have written a skit about Occupy Wall Street, would it have been like this?


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