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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, And Calling Bullshit, Physics Edition - #OWS Day 100

Thrive - the trailer

There are some real problems in this world that need to be addressed. Movies like Thrive are not helpful. Judging from the trailer, it is particularly noxious because it mixes facts about the imbalance of political and economic power in our world with the fancy of unlimited available energy being withheld by a sinister elite.

Not helpful. It kind of reminds me of What the Bleep Do We Know!? from just a few years back - a propaganda piece for the Ramtha cult, neatly dicing together some of the more esoteric aspects of physics together with metaphysical dream-weaving.

Again, judging from the trailer alone (I am not going to waste my time watching the entire film), it looks as though it is resurrecting the zero point energy twaddle. Spiced up with references to "torus" devices, Tesla, and aliens, of course. If one gets into the weeds of the physics of this, it can seem like there is some way of harnessing it if we just knew how - and surely the wizardry is just around the corner - but if we climb up out of the mire of double-speak, and just think of simple entropy and the laws of physics, we can retain our sanity and rest assured that there is not a free lunch.

Simply put, zero point energy is ubiquitous energy, and energy everywhere is the same as energy nowhere. It is the imbalance of energy - stored, or potential, energy - released that makes work happen. Once it is used, it dissipates into useless ubiquity. This is the second law of thermodynamics. Remember this law, and use as the garlic-and-cross weapon against the supernatural siren call of energy Utopia.

I really feel dirty just bothering to address this crap, but I can see, especially in desperate times, how intelligent and well-meaning people can be sucked into considering it.

There are real problems in this world that need to be addressed. It is not helpful to delude people with dreams of infinite, free energy with no limits. However primed they may be with Star Trek dreams. Hell, even those guys had to mine Dilithium for their fucking warp drive. What do you think their Empire, er, I mean, Federation was for?

Don't look into the light! But do continue to...


(Spring is just around the corner...)

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