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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still Standing - #OWS Day 74

Occupy LA Times
Front page photo from 1st edition of Occupied LA Times

Today: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Students Protest as University Boards Move to Raise Tuition

Lisa Derrick, last night:
It was miraculous, and I hope that spirit of community, or mutual respect, or restraint or whatever–LOVE–love of oneself, of one’s city, or one’s fellows can spread through Los Angeles’ police and community and become a model for both cops and civilians to work in cooperation to obey the laws and foster change.
A little "girly hop:"
Try to throw my name in the dirt
But I really don't give a damn
I'm still standing like the statue of liberty
And I put my name in the history books
So you'll forever remember me
Still Standing, Monica (feat. Ludacris)


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