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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, Remember Bank Transfer Day - Day 50 #OWS

Bank Transfer Day
Bank Transfer Day poster by Fayerman

Live blog at FDL: Live Blog for National Bank Transfer Day.

If you can't get it done today, give them something to think about on Monday. If you can't do it on Monday, then Tuesday's just as good...

Credit Union Times Digital Edition - Bank Transfer Day: Occupy Movements Continue to Promote CUs:
Across the country, Occupy movements are keeping a spotlight on joining credit unions.

Occupy Albany in New York protested outside of Bank of America branches today urging consumers to consider credit unions like the $2.2 billion State Employees Credit Union in Albany, the Times Union reported...

Bank Transfer Day: Winston-Salem CUs See Activity:
...local television news reporters stopped by or called to cover the festivities.

In addition, some of the new credit union members transferring funds today have in fact been big bank employees, who themselves were looking for a better way to bank.

The $917 million Allegacy Federal Credit Union strategically opened four of its busiest branches today...
Huffington Post (Deyanira Del Rio) - The Procrastinator's Guide to Bank Transfer Day:
You want to do it. You've been meaning to do it. Here are 5 reasons to finally ditch your too-big-to-fail bank and move your money to a local credit union.

#1. You'll be voicing your opposition to a broken, destructive financial system...
Christian Science Monitor - Bank Transfer Day: a protest ... and marketing campaign:
Bank Transfer Day is being used by some regional banks and credit unions to gain customers. Among the Bank Transfer Day moves: extended hours and cash bonuses...

Bank Transfer Day -- the protest movement urging Americans to take their business out of big banks on Saturday and put it into credit unions and local banks -- is being used as a marketing opportunity by some.

A handful of regional banks and credit unions, even some that are publicly traded and not exactly Mom and Pop establishments, have taken to Twitter to promote themselves as alternatives to the biggest national banks that are the target of the protest.

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