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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mic Check Sunday - 72nd Day Of The #Occupation

Mic Check from The Battle Of Los Angeles - Rage Against The Machine

[Update 11/28:Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Philly, LA Occupations Survive Eviction.]

[For those who may have noticed - and I thank you if you did - I was too distracted yesterday to put up a post. No, the movement is not dead - I was attacked by nefarious Trojans and spent the day engaged in a mighty death-match.]
With this mic device
I spit nonfiction
Who got tha power
This be my question
Tha mass of tha few in this torn nation?
Tha priest tha book or tha congregation?
Tha politricks who rob and hold down your zone?
Or those who give tha thieves tha key to their homes?
Tha pig who's free to murder one Shucklak
Or survivors who make a move and murder one back?
Mic Check - Rage Against The Machine
Gosztola's liveblog, updated for Sunday: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy Philly Eviction in Progress.

As #OccupyLA and #OccupyPhilly gird up for upcoming "negotiations" with the "authorities," I thought I'd round up some videos of concerned heroes interrupting the decorum of business-as-usual America, in various contexts and ways, presented in random order. More "mic checks," please!

Minnesotans confront Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf about "chains of debt"

Occupy Christmas Mic Check at Target in Springfield, Il

Ron Paul gives out a great response after a "mic check" from OWS protesters [ed: The Paulites do so love their mighty elf]

Ohio Students Interrupt Gas Industry

Michele Bachmann Gets Mic Checked by Occupy Charleston, South Carolina

OccupyDC at Chamber of Commerce Blue Cross & Blue Shield Event

Gov. Scott Walker gets checked

Karl Rove in Baltimore

Eric Cantor at Rice University

Obama [ed: There are videos of this with better resolution, but I like the irony of a sharing a rare moment of shadenfreude with FOX News]

Newt Gingrich in Boston

Occupy Chicago Shouting Down Rahm Emmanuel

Occupy Tampa at Walmart On Black Friday

Occupy Tampa at Target On Black Friday


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