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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 53 #OWS - Tent City In Zucotti Park

Zucotti Tent City
Seth Wenig / AP - Image from

Gosztola at FDL: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Day 52, OWS Has Military Tents Now. (Day 53, actually.)

If there were any doubts, it appears that #OccupyWallStreet is serious about wintering the protest. Having raised, in addition to material donations, over a half-million in cash, the protesters are apparently procuring some heavy-duty shelter, originally designed for the U.S. Military:
The [Rapid Deployable System tent] was developed for the US military as a rapidly deployable and tactical use shelter that maximizes modularity, ease of use, operational effectiveness, durability, and the ability to connect with vehicles and like shelters...


  • Mission-ready in just minutes for first responders, medical and surgical suites, Command Post, logistics, operations center, billeting, food service and other remote base operations
  • Passive continuous air ventilation system, proven performance on the MGPTS
  • Components are compatible and interchangeable across the RDS line
  • Detachable end walls allow all models to complex together
  • Comes standard with TEMPER vestibule adapter, passive continuous air ventilation system and stove pipe vents
  • Fully integrated floor and liner system

Click through for more specs (and a demonstration video.)

Mere pamphleteer that I am, I am fully prepared for a winter abatement in the #Occupy movements, as mighty spring looms. The dedicated heroes of Zucotti Park, however, seem to have other plans.


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