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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

City Of Boston Joins LA & Philly In Voicing Full-Throated Support For The Health Of #OccupyEverywhere - #OWS Day 75

Occupy LA Crackdown

[Update III: Great video (song) after the fold, below!]

[Update II: Police Occupy City Hall Before Attacking Protesters (Philadelphia photo-set, h/t TarheelDem)]

[Update: Phoenix protesters pepper-sprayed at Westin Kierland Resort]

FDL liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: @OccupyPhilly & @OccupyLA Evicted, Hundreds Arrested

WCVB Boston: City Moving To Remove 'Occupy Boston' Protesters

Storyful: Police raid Occupy camps in LA, Philadelphia

Major cities in the US, expressing concern for waning interest in local occupations, have moved in to create more media theater to keep the movement alive. #Occupations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and now Boston received welcome injections of publicity courtesy of local police staff. Some say that this public relations effort is being coordinated at the Federal level.

Related news: Pepper Spray Developer: It Has Become Fashionable to Use Chemicals on People with Opinions

Meanwhile, national strike in England:
  • Public sector workers are striking over pension reforms in what unions say is the biggest walkout for a generation.
  • Some 62% of England's 21,500 state schools are shut and 7,000 routine operations across the UK have been cancelled, the government says.
  • PM David Cameron says strike "looks something like a damp squib", but Labour leader Ed Miliband accuses him of "spoiling for this fight".
Update (video):

I'll Occupy!

Crushed and fractured: "No one was hurt", reports AP from the City of Brotherly Love (h/t The Dissenter


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