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Monday, November 14, 2011

Block Party! #OccupyPortland Nov. 20th - #OWS Day 59

Block Party!
Original (and larger) image at Natasha Bailie

Action in #OccupyOakland (surprise!), liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Day 58, Massive Police Operation Unfolds Against Occupy Oakland.

Due to the overwhelming success that Mayor Sam Adams and his merry band of Po-Po has had recently with #OccupyPortland, it is now time to rub their faces in it with a Block Party!
Current Project: Occupy Your Block...

What is Occupy Your Block?

On Sunday, November 20th, one week after the police action against Occupy Portland, neighborhoods around Portland will take their own streets with block parties. Occupy the streets of your neighborhood to show support for the occupation, and to organize your neighborhood toward participating in a new direction for the Occupy movement.
I know my 'hood (Hawthorne SE) will be rocking that day.

For the block party impaired, or just to update your block party skillz:

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