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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Media Awakening To #OccupyWallstreet - The Spin I'm In (Day 18)

Doctored News
Image from CBS

[Update II: From the Great Orange Satan: Occupy Wall Street: List and map of over 200 U.S. solidarity events and Facebook pages (h/t, again, Tarheel Dem)]

[Update: An excellent analysis from an #Occupier who has been there from day one its seminal planning: A Brief Analysis from a Wall Street Occupier, by Yotam Marom. It captures the nuance of the evolving state of this revolutionary movement. Highly recommended. (h/t Tarheel Dem)]

(For today's #OccupyWallStreet real coverage, Gosztola's joint: Live Blog for #OccupyWallStreet: Day Eighteen, ‘A Beautiful Democracy in All This’.)

USA Today lede:
NEW YORK – Protests against Wall Street entered their 18th day Tuesday as demonstrators across the country show their anger over the wobbly economy and what they see as corporate greed by marching on Federal Reserve banks and camping out in parks from Los Angeles to Portland, Maine.
Took 18 days, but here we go...

Anyway, "anger over the wobbly economy:" Is that a subconscious dog whistle of some sort? I kid.

"what they" They? Way to plant yourself firmly in the 1%.

"over... what they see as corporate greed" Not "corporate greed" either, but see as "corporate greed."

OK, enough fun - it's a pretty fair article, I guess. How much teevee time have these "protesters" been given yet? (Someone will have to tell me, I don't own one. I hear Amanda Knox is still big, though. Uh, for you search engine web crawlers: Amanda Knox, Amanda Knox, Amanda Knox, Amanda Knox, Amanda Knox...)

From deeper into the article:
"At this point, we don't anticipate wider unrest," said Tim Flannelly, an FBI spokesman in New York, "but should it occur the city, including the NYPD and the FBI, will deploy any and all resources necessary to control any developments."
Yikes. These people are clearly not going to learn anything from these "developments" - at least not in the easy way.

More links today (from Google news):

Looks like most of the coverage is still in the blogosphere, though...

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