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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mass Arrests On Brooklyn Bridge - #OccupyWallStreet

NYPD Arresting Child

[Update 10/02:Police clearly warned marchers. See this post.]

[Update: From one of the marchers: "From my vantage point towards the front of the march, you got it right."]

From following the livestream, liveblogging, and Twitter, I gather that somewhere between 75-100 more than 700 people were arrested today.

They may have been coerced into inadvertent civil-disobedience (illegally blocking bridge traffic.) Here's how it appears how it went down (these are my own speculation and conclusions based on what I've been following).

Approximately 500 people were somehow diverted from a larger march originating from Liberty Park onto the Brooklyn Bridge roadway. It is unclear who initiated this. However, the NYPD appeared all too ready to respond to this act, in that a large contingent of officers were there to greet them from the other side of the bridge, effectively trapping this group.

On the other hand, I can't really understand a motivation for such a tactic on the part of the authorities. The resultant images do not cast the NYPD in a particularly sympathetic light (that adorable young lady being arrested in the YouTube above, e.g.) The marchers maintained remarkable decorum in spite of what appeared to be a provocation. Adding to the idea that this was a provocation was the apparent preference in arresting females, perhaps to adversely excite the crowd.

Or perhaps the authorities mistake the non-violence (not passivity) of the #OccupyWallStreet heroes as fear - perhaps they think that they don't want to get arrested. I think I can fairly say otherwise - I'll bet most of them ("the best among us" - Chris Hedges) would love to be arrested. They just don't want to act the fool, and be obviously provocative.

It's becoming apparent that they can safely leave that shit to the NYPD. Shame.

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