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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The FOX And The Troll: Arrests In Portland - Day 44 #OWS, #OccupyPortland

Troll at home provides classy color commentary during arrest of Portland heroes

[Update: More humor after the fold, of a more positive variety.]

As I commented:
Wow. Thanks for posting this. It's a double-gift - both the ignorant bias of the media, and classy commentary from a low-information individual who clearly gets his daily education from the boob-tube. Got to give it to you, dude. *I'd* be embarrassed, but then again I'd say you show promising potential as a foil on a "reality" teevee program. High five!!
If any of you readers feel like moseying on over there to, er, boost this clown's "morale", well... I can't stop you.

Coverage and links for the Portland action can be found in this thread.

Update: Spirited protesters #OccupyObama:

"Yea, they fuckin' saw us."

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