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Friday, October 14, 2011

"Denver Police Break Up Peaceful Protest, Give Park Back To The Drug Dealers" - Day 28, #OccupyDenver #OccupyWallStreet

#OWS Collage

[Update 12:30 EST: Small but hardy #OccupyTrenton just had all possessions confiscated. Livestream.]

(Humorous title courtesy John, aka PopMusicNotes, h/t Cahokia.) From Occupy Denver:
Ground Update: Central camp has been evacuated and the final structures have come down. There were a few arrests of those defending our kitchen. Occupiers have been pushed out to the perimeters of Lincoln park and yet... Occupy Denver lives on. This is NOT over. Make signs. Come down. Fear Not. OCCUPY!
As for Bloomberg's cleanup party:
Protesters vowed to “defend the occupation” of the park after police said they would clear out their belongings under rules set by the private park’s owner. Demonstrators formed cleanup crews that swept and mopped through the night as crowds gathered ahead of the owner’s planned move into the park.

Brookfield [Office Properties Inc.], a New York-based real-estate developer, had said earlier that crews would close sections of the park for cleaning beginning at 7 a.m. New York time to relieve “unsanitary conditions.” In a letter to the city last night, Brookfield Chief Executive Officer Ric Clark said the cleanup would be postponed “a few days while we attempt to work out an arrangement with the protesters.”

Stephen Levin, 30, a city council member from the 33rd District in Brooklyn, said the gathering of thousands of people “made the difference.”
It sounds as though the unions arrived and surrounded the protesters. If the police had wanted to make arrests it sounds as though they would have had to go through the Teamsters, UAW, Nurses, ….. first. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were also involved. This morning was a huge victory, because it was a test of the resolve and the discipline of the protesters. They showed their mettle at night facing the prospect of the NYPD.
The drama continues, liveblogged by FDL: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 28, NYPD Surrounding Liberty Park; Eviction Could Come Soon Live Blog for #OWS: Day 28, A Legal Observer’s Leg is Run Over by Police Motorcycle (retitled).

#OWS Collage
Zuccotti Park Early Morning October 14

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