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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Counter-Insurgency Of The Elites - Day 37 #OWS, #15O

Counter-insurgency shows its ass in Chicago

[Update II: The new liveblog has begun: Live Blog for #OWS: The Struggle Over Park Space in America]

[Update: Another Chicago video, posted after the fold.]

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Liveblog from yesterday continues, will post new one as it appears: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 36, Pete Seeger & Occupiers March to Columbus Circle

It is with felicitous irony that the #Occupy movement adopted an inappropriate metaphor.

For it is the People of the world who have been under occupation by an unwelcome foreign force that has used unconscionable brutality to deny them the right to properly care for each other in their own sovereign Country, the planet Earth.

This brutality has been well-masked for the most part, and police actions are only the naked face of it. Once we had an oppressive occupation from these greedy power-mongers who would invade our Land in order to commandeer our resources and control our society, using the sophisticated techniques well-learned during the bloody march of the 20th Century - propaganda, torture, military presence, economic imperialism and reflection-less Exceptionalism. So now, in the face of our insurgency, the velvet glove begins to tatter and reveal its bitter facts.

I call it a felicitous irony, because in the vernacular of the relentless propaganda of the true occupiers (that is itself beginning to tatter and lose its own, necessary, velvet robes), "insurgency" is a bad word. It brings to the popular (propagandized) mind visions of an unruly, chaotic people mindlessly destroying the benevolent institutions of their betters. Indeed, this is precisely how the corporate media has been struggling to portray the heroes of the #Occupy movement, who are in truth insurgents in the mother of all insurgencies.

So let the movement use the propaganda of the true occupiers against them, but there is one thing that this propaganda, this mis-appellation, cannot hide.

It is that when counter-insurgents face the population, there is only one side who, when defeated, cannot rise again. When counter-insurgents prevail, they are faced with a ticking clock and must frantically restructure their oppression. It is only when the insurgents, the People, prevail that victory is assured. They only have to falter once, whereas we the People have one thousand God-given failures to return from.


Update: Video of Chicago last night:


  1. The leaders and organizers of OWS are gambling on the public being not so smart. Sooner or later OWS will not be able to deny that the "movement" is a Leftist propaganda campaign.

    Yes most everyone agrees that money corrupts. And the people behind OWS have co-opted that assertion as if they are the only people that know that fact. Obviously and I do mean obviously Leftist groups think Americans can be easily manipulated into supporting far Left agendas. The problem with manipulating Americans is that we hate to be manipulated.

    So while OWS is wholesale dishonesty it is that dishonesty that has already defeated them. It was the same type of dishonesty that defeated them last time and the time before.

    It was not McCarthyism or the Government that defeated Leftists. It was the Leftists being caught manipulating.

    ANd please do not comeback trying to deny that OWS = Leftist propaganda. If you want I could show you where the evidence is.

    BTW this is Nogod (Freedom From All) I was at FDL and was banned not because I abused anyone but because FDL censored my free speech. Countless attacks were thrown at myself and when I defended myself FDL mods accused me of attacking. IT was well planned blogshere message control. And very predictable and expected tactic of an Leftist.

    Whiuch reminds me save the accusations of Right wing attacks for them. I am not nor have I have ever been on the Right. But it never mattered whether what I truly am to the Left, as long as they can silence me is all that mattered to them.

  2. Who are the "people behind OWS?"
    Who are "Leftist groups?"

    "ANd please do not comeback trying to deny that OWS = Leftist propaganda. If you want I could show you where the evidence is."

    Please do.

    "Whiuch reminds me save the accusations of Right wing attacks for them. I am not nor have I have ever been on the Right."

    OK - will you at least acknowledging that you are attacking, regardless of "where" the attack comes from?

    What is the purpose of this comment?

  3. YourFavoriteBartenderOctober 25, 2011 at 11:48 AM

    "So while OWS is wholesale dishonesty it is that dishonesty that has already defeated them. It was the same type of dishonesty that defeated them last time and the time before."

    Well now THAT is a whole lot of "pot" and "kettle" action we've got going on there. I'm pretty sure when Bank of America guys walk into a bar to meet up with Goldman Sachs guys the Goldman Sachs guys say, "Wholesale Dishonesty!" as a toast.

    Unlike (I'm guessing...he'll correct if necessary) Petro I'll probably agree that OWS is a leftist movement, but "far" left is probably a stretch. As a general rule (and it is a VERY general rule) those who support the "free markets" to a fault tend to be on the Right, and those who do not tend to be on the Left.

    However there is a whole bunch of truth to the concept that the "99%" are who is out there protesting. If you believe the polls this country is pretty evenly split between Republican and Democrat (well...even if you don't they can't be THIS wrong) which for the sake of this argument we'll define as "Right" and "Left" respectively.

    It's pretty hard to argue that the "leaders and organizers" of OWS are doing ANYTHING because there really don't appear to be any "leaders" of the movement. If there were they would almost certainly be "demands" made and then people could debate the merits of those demands...

    Finally, if you have "proof" of something it's probably best to link to/provide that proof. If for no other reason that to set yourself apart from the idiots (not calling you an idiot, recommending that you not lump yourself in with idiots) out there who randomly state things as if just saying it out loud would make it come true (read: FOXNews).

    Anyway, nice to see you, and I'm confident Petro won't be banning you!

  4. Thanks, FB. If you click through to his profile, which leads to his blog, you can see he has his own problems with his readership. (Not that I'm recommending that.)

    Your observations about left & right are pretty much correct. I was writing up a post yesterday about this and the struggle for inclusiveness across political and ideological lines that OWS has undertaken. I decided against posting it, as I raised some troubling issues that I did not want to prematurely come up.

    This goes against my personal creed of being completely honest at this place, as doing this puts me into the position of being a propagandist for the movement. While I am 100% behind this revolution, this makes me very uncomfortable. I may write it up in the near future, but I will release some of the guilt by saying a few words about it here.

    Bottom line, I think that there is an internal contradiction in the movement if they continue to try to pretend that the left/right divide doesn't exist. They're not really doing that, of course - they are trying to reframe it as a top/bottom divide. This is a more correct way of looking at it, but there are still people in the "bottom" carrying water for those at the "top," and this is what constitutes the Right in this country.

    Even as the Tea-Party claims to want to "take the country back" from "big government," due to their low-information status they don't realize that they are serving the interests of high finance by diverting attention from the real perps. Couple this with a knee-jerk believe in the fictional "free market" and the faux-meritocracy that it promotes, and there you have your typical right-winger, American-style.

    I have much more to say about this, including my conviction that what is considered "left" is not an equal division between two valid ideological positions, but actually a more enlightened and, yes, inclusive view of what constitutes mature, intelligent social organization. This is why I consider OWS an "awakening." To put it indelicately, the modern American right-winger is a sleep-walker in the Idiocracy.

    I'm leaving out racism & xenophobia because that is a problem for both the left & the right - they just express it differently. It hurts me to say it, but the Right actually seems to be more self-aware on this front.

    Anyway, thanks again, man.


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