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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To All The Looters: The Good Will Re-Emerge

Petty Thieves We, on the left, Eater of Worlds on the right.
(I have given on these pages, and will continue to give, a consistent voice to my conviction that we, the people and the "victims," must acknowledge and accept the responsibility for enabling the current state of affairs, but I am going to turn the firehouse around for a moment.)

Looting is despicable. A crime of opportunity that lays bare the poverty of the soul. At least the covert thief or embezzler has the conscience to proceed furtively, with perhaps the spector of shame ever-threatening to multiply his punishment.

That said, 1,000 "street" looters can never approach the amount of damage a single Alan Fishman can inflict on his fellow man. And while either class of looter exacts a price against his own soul, this disparity of scale no doubt apportions that price.

For that reason, I am separating out the grand, hubristic looters skulking in the halls of the corporate world for this diatribe. I was going to say "corporate America" - but these organizations have no country.

The petty looters are merely silly and self-destructive, by my lights. Retribution comes quickly to these, whether by the swift (and disproportionate) punishment meted out by the governments now so in fealty to the corporate elites, or by the simple shuttering of businesses in their communities.

These are mere fools, but the corporate looters are no fools. They have engineered an infrastructure of risk-free thievery, and they are now hoarding with breathtaking speed and scope.

This is the face of the evil of despair. The whole shithouse is comin' down, so I might as well get mine. It doesn't matter anymore. What good would it do, anyway? Your touchy-feely, pious goody-good bullshit is worth nothing in this forsaken world.

You know what? Fine. This non-believer (you can fairly call me an "atheist," although I reject the baggage of that label) will not argue with your cynicism and despair. Too mighty a task for me, in this "forsaken" world, because you're right - things don't look so good these days.

Are you so sure it is permanent? Because it isn't. To think that this sort of thing has any semblance of a reasonable half-life is laughable. The speed of your acquisition is matched only by the swiftness of its Nemesis. Yes, the shithouse is coming down, but where do you think you will be when the dust settles? Don't forget that the world that is wheeling apart is only part of the world, the part that Man built. Don't forget that there is more to it than that, and I am not talking about some hypothetical God.

We don't need to create a God, for there is already something hiding before our very eyes that is bigger than this world that Man built. It is humanity itself. You mistake the rending of your garments for the destruction of you.

You see, the Good will re-emerge, and you will still be standing, naked before yourself, beholding the destruction that you had wrought, and you will own that destruction, and you will tell yourselves that story as long as you yet breathe, and I cannot think of a more terrible Judgement.

The "goody-goods" will merely suffer sorrow, but with that, we are already well-acquainted.

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