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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Parallel Our Eyes: Random Thoughts On The Unfolding Revolution

[Update 09/26/2011: Liveblog up for #OccupyWallStreet - Day 10, Building the Hope for Reform, more yeoman's work from Kevin Gosztola. Keep eyes on this!]

[Update 09/25/2011: New liveblog up here. Quote of the day, Chris Hedges: "Power elite will define whatever you do as a failure."]

[Update: Liveblog of #OccupyWallStreet action moved to here. Keep up with unfolding police crackdown.]

Paralleled Eyes

The demands of the individuals are subdued, transformed, and ultimately manifest as the demands of history - there need not be a clear line from one to the other. A pointed criticism of the efficacy of the left to affect change has been the fractious nature of its special interest priorities. The urgency of the revolution, now an imperative of history, has rendered this dynamic irrelevant.

A further signal of this is the reflexive, nearly subconscious, blending of the interests of the left and the "tea-party" right. In spite of a mutual revulsion, their eyes parallelize towards common goals. A side-effect of this, perhaps, will be an untangling and clarification of the modern confusion of what is "left" and what is "right" - what is revolution and what is counter-revolution.

Letting Slip The Dogs Of History

I have cautioned against the "unintended consequences" of revolution, specifically against violence. As events unfold before us (I may have to eat these words, but I think that have reached the tipping point), such cautions become milquetoast concern trolling.

Along with the subconscious, reflexive coalescence of ostensibly disparate motivations comes subconscious, reflexive action. History unchains the dogs, rendering us as much observers as actors.

A Clown Will Do Quite Nicely

We (the contemporary, nominal left) revere the eloquence of the Gandhis, the Anthonys, the Kings, the Savios, the Havels - all who have indeed affected significant change in their times - because the utterances of these people are well-considered enough to be chiseled in granite.

At the same time the Hoffmans, the Morrisons, the Cobains, the Lennons (to a lesser extent!), the Carlins, the Pryors, the Garofalos, the Bruces, the bra-burners, the puppeteers, the Clowns - they are the demagogues of the heart, and are perhaps consigned to a less eclectic reverence.

In these times, however, the choreography of the dances of saints and clowns will blur and blend. Watch for the holy clowns.


Live Blog of #OccupyWallStreet: One Week Later & Growing Stronger by the Day

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