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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Earth Words


I like words. I also like thoughtful neologisms. (I once triumph-ally coined a word - benefficient - over 30 years ago, while naively working on a "new" philosophy book, an endeavor long since abandoned. That word has apparently been re-coined, with a definition similar enough to my own - re-coined, as I doubt that the few, if any, times I'd uttered it gave it any traction.)

Anyway, I just wanted to share these Glenn Albrecht neologisms, discussed in this Nation of Change article, When Words Fail: Does a Warming World Need a New Vocabulary?
  • solastalgia - "a term that describes the angst you might feel when the environment around you starts to change, whether because of coal-mining or drought or flooding."
  • soliphilia - “the solidarity needed between people to actually restore and repair damaged environments.”
  • eutierria - "a feeling of elation or oneness with the Earth, something you might experience on a hike or in the garden or when dipping into an ocean breaker."
  • ecoparalysis - “the inability, due to fear or hopelessness, to respond to environmental problems.

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