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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We're In The Money: Federal Stimulus An Unqualified Success

We're All Rich!
Image found at COEJL
I love the smell of irony in the morning. Smells like... shit.

emptywheel has a great catch-and-spin on the effect of Federal stimulus dollars for the DC bubble. First, The Graph Of Odiousness:


Bottom line - the same culture that is being all fiscally conservative with government dollars and bestowing a necessary austerity on the country are quietly enjoying their little boom. Can anyone in the media pick this up as an argument for stimulus?

Just kidding.

Marcy (excerpted, of course, go read the whole thing - and follow the links!):
See, David Plouffe was right. People are feeling better about their economic prospects. At least, the people within his little bubble are.

But he might want to think about why people in his bubble are feeling good about their economic prospects.

First, because they–and neighboring states VA and MD, also among the most confident states–have been the recipients of 10 years of stimulus, supporting government-created jobs, the kind of jobs he likes to pretend don’t exist. Stimulus makes jobs which makes people feel good (and it’s worth noting that MI, which has benefited form a disproportionate share of stimulus sent to the midwest, is not among the 10 most grumpy states).

Plus, all these people living well off their Military-Industrial stimulus have reason to celebrate, as we’ve recently added another forever war for them to profit off of.

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