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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meet George Jetson: Seasteading Ahoy!

You're Dreaming
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I have, I suppose, the same apocalyptic urges that beset any thinking person beholding the modern state of affairs for mankind. But I resist. It seems to me that such urges emanate from a rather primitive and reactionary part of my brain, and so I consign them to the same castaway archipalego of thought islands I reserve for those pieces of me that respond to mint-chocolate-chip ice cream and Independence Day.

You're Still Dreaming
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In short, I try not to let them weigh in on my considerations while considering the manifest I so dearly wish to deconstruct.

I say I try, but then I am compelled to behold nonsense like this Seasteading business. How can one not feel that the end times are truly near when actual resources are being wasted on such desperate attempts to actualize adolescent unicorn cerebellum dreams into my precious reality?

(I also try to write short, pithy sentences, I really do - not that anyone would notice. But this stuff makes me crazy, and my Hemingway refuses to come near it.)

Dreaming Some More
Image found at Seasteading Institute
I have written before of the Dubai islands, and the slant there is to excoriate and ridicule the greedheads' dream of ultimate-gated-community-final-solutions to the great unwashed and useless eater population. That assessment, perhaps, gives too much credit to reason. These people have clearly moved into the territory that comes with thinking that champagne and cocaine are not merely distractions, but staples in the USDA food pyramid. Transhumanists with too much time, and cash, on their hands.

Deep REM Sleep Here
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I don't know if they have enough cash, or continuing resource harvesting, to afford the magnitude of enforcement they will need to have access to the ports of the great unwashed. I mean, will they really be satisfied with only seafood? What about the grapes for the Cristal? Silly me - of course they will have the most excellent hydroponics gardens evah.

Silent Running

I've said it before - go for it, folks, I'll see you when the sea level rises. Oh, wait - these people have it figured out, right?

Really, Wake Up Now
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It is probably no accident that this was on the teevee when our young brains were still delicate.

The Jetsons

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