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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dispatch From Colombia: Another Ex-Pat Speaks Out

Burning U.S. Passport
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Greetings from Colombia! I had the opportunity to read through DTM last night and saw the post regarding the the demoralization techniques used on the young. Very interesting, and most likely correct.

Regarding the latest made for TV drama regarding the governments budget, well I find this to be basically the last act as we head deeper into the other side of the peak oil curve. The effects of peak oil are truly beginning to hit home in Amerika. Those in power fully know this. I believe, as Arthur Silber stated in his latest post, they got exactly what they wanted. These people are craven murderers and serial haters of all living things. They know that the financial/economic system is beyond repair. They also know that when societies reach the point we have reached, they collapse. There goal now is to maintain the status quo at all costs. There is nothing they will not do to stay in power. They will murder, torture and imprison their domestic "Enemies" on a scale not scene since Lincoln. They will do all these things, because at the root of it all, they are cowards and fear death more than the rest of us.

Those in power, Corporationbots, politicobots, and mediabots, will do all they can to manage this collapse for their own benefit. Amerika is already resembling what the old Eastern Europe looked like under the USSR. This is the fate of the US and Europe for the next several years. The vise of the Chenyites will continue to close tighter on all aspects of society. There will be no relief, and when the "Big men" come on the scene, Lord have mercy.

Mike, it's over. There is no going back. The system is terminal. Keith Olbermann is deluded. He does not understand the reality of peak oil and all that brings to Amerika. The Constitution is a dead letter with no meaning. It no longer works in the world we live in. Nothing lasts forever. Alas the Super Congress!
As decline begins, and government becomes oppressive, self-righteous, and ruthless yet incompetent, as official spying flourishes, as corruption sets in hard, and institutions rot, it is time to disengage. Loyalty to a country is a choice, not an obligation. In other times people have loved family, friends, common decency, tribe, regiment, or church instead of country. In an age of national collapse, this is wise.
- Fred Reed, expatriate
I have made the decision to exit. Later this year. I am going to search for land. I have found that Latin America offers far more liberty and freedom than Amerika. I have no desire to live in the shadow of East Germany. All the horrors of peak oil we talked about for years in the bar are coming true.


I am, your most faithful servant,

Edgar Cave Urbanus

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