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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Secularization Of Reverence

Tree Worship
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The latest essay over at John Michael Greer's very excellent The Archdruid Report (Santa Isn't Bringing Gigawatts) begins with a comment on "a ray of common sense" - a reference to a forthcoming study on the thermodynamics of sun, wind, and wave "alternative energy" technologies. In brief, caveats abound regarding the amount of these energies can be reasonably harvested without adversely affecting the world's climate. And by "reasonably," I mean to exhort the reader to think in terms of scalability - as JMG frequently points out, the notion that we will be able to extract from these alternatives the amount of power that we would require to maintain our current standards of living at our current population levels is questionable, to understate the matter.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Top-Down Trap

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I've just listened to an interesting November 2009 interview with energy/economic prophet Jay Hanson (Reality Report: Interview with Jay Hanson with Jason Bradford.) It's quite a tour-de-force of the sort of holistic systems thinking that leads exceptional people to climb out of the box of conventional thinking. Aside from the commentary on the insanity of growth-based economic activity (read: Capitalism) and energy resource limitations, the interview is worth listening to for an excellent review of some of the evolutionary-driven biological imperatives that contribute to the current, multiple, crises that we all face today.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Putting Clarity Into Your Revolution

Fake Revolution
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[Update: An empirical view of the power of non-violence can be found at Sojourners (free registration to read) - People Power by Erica Chenoweth. (h/t Lisa Simeone)]

As I write this, there is a rather serious conversation going on over at Ian's place regarding the "options" available to those of us who have seen the bankruptcy of the current order. The commenters at that site are an erudite and philosophical bunch - out-of-the-box thinking tempered with a natural hewing towards the pragmatic - so this subject frequently crops up. But of late there has been some focus.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fire All Of Your Guns At Once And Explode Into Space

Close Encounters

[Update: JMG's 2007 blog post on the same subject. - 2007/07/31]

[Pulling out my Crayolas for some free-form think-piecin'. These being uninformed opinions, they can easily be discounted, in which case the rest of this essay is useless for those with other opinions.]

Whither the aliens?

Given the unthinkable vastness of the universe and the countless bodies contained therein, and given my personal resistance to any ideas of Earth exceptionalism, it is my considered opinion that it is likely that there is "life out there."