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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Author H.P. Albarelli, Jr. Signed Book Giveaway Comment Contest!

A Terrible Mistake
[Update: No more books available. Thank you!]

[Update: For the international lurkers that I'm seeing - sure, I'll ship it to you, too.]

Hank has a new book coming out this fall, and I am pleased to find myself in possession of 12 pristine, hardcover copies of his last publication, all nicely autographed by Mr. Albarelli. What to do?

Why, drive traffic! Nobody comments on this blog. I have no idea what you lurkers out there are thinking. So I am resorting to bribery: The first twelve commentors on this post will receive a free copy of A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War, by H.P. Albarelli, Jr. (Stragglers may click through the link to purchase the book.)

This is kind of a DIY thing - I don't have any secure way of acquiring shipping addresses with any privacy. So I respectfully request that commentors send me a parallel email message (mike at clubhousewreckards dot com) with shipping information. Include the text of your comment to identify it with your comment, here, at this post.

Or not. The comment is merely a courtesy - simply sending your shipping address will do the trick, I'll let you know if you have one coming, or if I've run out. But, c'mon, throw me a bone! Leave a comment. :)


In the book, the author begins an exploration into the strange case of scientist Frank Olson, secretly and unwittingly dosed with LSD. In the course of unraveling the circumstances of his controversial and disturbing end, Albarelli uncovers an array of only-in-America intrigue and bizarre governmental buccaneering.

For a great review and discussion of this fascinating book, visit the FDL Book Salon on A Terrible Mistake, ably hosted by Jeff Kaye.


Oh, about that new publication. Here's a preview of the cover:

A Secret Order

So, again, the "rules" are:

Leave a comment here - optional, but c'mon ;)
Send an email to mike at clubhousewreckards dot com with your shipping address.
I will send you a book if there are any left of the 12 copies I have available.
If I run out, click a link and buy a copy.

Hank and I thank you!


  1. I participated in that book salon,Petro. One of the "better of the best" ,imho.

    I would very much appreciate a copy.

    BTW, I didn't even know you had a blog!

    Thanks again.

  2. Hello, Anonymous, and thank you!

    Don't forget to mail your shipping address to:

  3. Want one, Petro! Address on the way!

  4. Anonymous! (2) Address received!


  5. You, Petro, are a generous person.
    The postings I see are Anonymous because your writing is controversial, fearless.

  6. Petro, I have been reading your blog for some time and find the mix of information and writings, interesting and yes as it's been posted, controversial and yet also enjoyable (blog Feb 23). Anonymous wrote it right, fearless. Right On! Hey, I'd also like one of those books if you have one left... Will email mail information shortly.

  7. Thank you all for these responses!

    I just want to say one thing about throwing this word "fearless" around. Let's face it, I don't even give a gnat-sized blip on anyone's radar screen. That's cover, baby.

    You want to talk fearless, look at Hank's work!

  8. I believe Hank Albarelli's work is nothing short of revolutionary in this time of corporate media oversight. His research into the government's darkest secrets is a beacon of hope that journalism still maybe saved.

  9. I agree, Mr. Opaque-AOL-OpenID! Your addy has been received.

    OK, folks, that's five down, seven to go.

    Reminding the first commentor Anonymous that I haven't received an email with your shipping address. So maybe that's eight to go...?

  10. A couple of books going out... to some folks claiming a problem accessing the comment section of this site.

    Books going out anyway.

    So that's seven down, five to go.

    Still want your addy, Anonymous #1.

  11. I would certainly like to read a copy of that book. May I throw my address into the ring?

  12. orc, I have some copies left, and one is coming your way! It is a fascinating book, and Mr. Albarelli is one tenacious investigator.

    You're so close by, I'm almost inclined to hand-deliver. A bus ticket would be cheaper than postage! :))

    Thanks for stopping by,

  13. I was looking for information on Renatus Hartogs and was directed to your site, a very lively place. If any copies of TERRIBLE MISTAKE remain, I'd like very much to read it. Thank you and best wishes, JS

  14. @JS:

    I have a couple left, sure. Email me your shipping address:

  15. Hank Albarelli is a great investigator/researcher/writer and I look forward in about three weeks time for the release of his new work on the JFK Assassination, containing much little known and some new information and connections [that I know about]. His work on the Olson murder by Olson's buddies at the CIA was also a great piece of work! The new book will contain the first detailed story of Adele Edisen, who was told by one Dr. [Col.] Rivera about Oswald and a plot to kill JFK BEFORE the event. Rivera also turned up at the autopsy...but, in usual style in America, was never brought to justice for being in the plot - nor to my knowledge were any in either the Olson case, the JFK murder and coup d'etat or any other black operation I can think of!......


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