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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, And Calling Bullshit, Physics Edition - #OWS Day 100

Thrive - the trailer

There are some real problems in this world that need to be addressed. Movies like Thrive are not helpful. Judging from the trailer, it is particularly noxious because it mixes facts about the imbalance of political and economic power in our world with the fancy of unlimited available energy being withheld by a sinister elite.

Not helpful. It kind of reminds me of What the Bleep Do We Know!? from just a few years back - a propaganda piece for the Ramtha cult, neatly dicing together some of the more esoteric aspects of physics together with metaphysical dream-weaving.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

(Oil) Money Trumps People Every Time For Our "Leaders" - #OWS Day 92

10,000 souls don't mean shit

[Update: Jane has hosted the #OWS liveblog today (Kevin is liveblogging the Bradley Manning pretrial): Re-Occupy Wall Street Live Stream]

Tar Sands Action:
Dear Friends,

As you might know, the Keystone tar sands pipeline is back in play.

This morning, the Senate passed a bill that requires a 60-day, expedited approval process for the pipeline in return for a payroll tax cut, and the President has said he will sign it...


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

West Coast Port Shutdown - #OWS Day 88

Occupy Protesters Set Up Barricade To Shutdown Port Of Seattle
(some pretty good general coverage of other actions as well)

Today's FDL Liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Police Violence in Houston, Seattle & San Diego Extends Port Shutdown Action.

Last night's thread: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: West Coast Port Shutdown Action (Evening Edition).


Police are now using ad hoc "tents" to conceal actions against protesters. Houston:

Occupy Houston arrested on #D12. Police use tent to hide arrest tactics! Caught on tape!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

TarheelDem: "A Global Corporatist Imperial Multi-National Regime" - #OWS Day 86

Gilded Age

[Update: FDL liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: International Human Rights Day Actions Plus Occupy SF Raided]
Only those who do not intend to co-opt the movement can co-opt the movement. That is not ironic. That is not a paradox. That is a contradiction. Because what happens when the whiff of co-option occurs is that the movement fragments and in doing that loses the power that co-option would bring.

Only sociopaths do not participate honestly in the general assembly process. And only people who do not yet experience the failure of all institutions are impatient with the wrangling that is required to reach a consensus for there is no easy way out. Remember that when there is pressure to streamline the consensus process.

Friday, December 9, 2011

#OccupyPhoenix Raided This Morning - Day 84, #OWS

Hang in there, Phoenicians

Nice to see my former homies stepping up for #Occupy. DownTown Devil.

Kevin liveblogging from #OccupyBoston: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy Boston Still Standing & OWS Occupies ‘Law & Order’:
10:06 AM At midnight (scroll down for details on how this developed), Occupy Wall Street went to a “Law & Order: SVU” set and occupied a fake Zuccotti Park camp in Foley Square. What unfolded was incredibly surreal. It was a revolutionary guerrilla nonviolent action that Adbusters and the Yes Men might have planned. Except, the occupiers weren’t really protesting “Law & Order: SVU” (though in retrospect they could have because the story line for the episode will probably revolve around serial rapist living at the OWS camp). That made what was happening even more subversive. And quite frankly one wonders if Monty Python would have written a skit about Occupy Wall Street, would it have been like this?


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Label Creep: "Terrorist" Meme Officially Birthed For #Occupy Movement - #OWS Day 83

City of London Police conflate #OccupyLondon with terrorists. Image from Alexander Higgins' blog

Kevin's daily liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Police Retreat from Occupy SF Plus Boston Mayor Orders Occupy Boston to Leave.

From The Independent (UK):
The City of London Police force was facing criticism last night after including the Occupy London demonstration in a letter warning businesses about potential terrorist threats.

The letter, a "Terrorism/Extremism Update", lists al-Qa'ida, the Colombian dissidents Farc, and Belarusian terrorists who bombed the Minsk underground. It also lists Occupy London under the heading "Domestic".

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#OccupySF Brutally Raided At 2 AM On Day 82 of #OWS - Also, #OccupyOregon

SF DPW disposing of #OccupySF protestor's belongings with a compacting garbage truck Dec 7th, 2011

[Update: Today's FDL liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Reports from #OccupyHomes Day of Action & More]

Kevin Gosztola (SFPD Mount Sneak Attack on #OccupySF After Emails No Longer Returned):
Early Wednesday morning, 2 am PST, hundreds of San Francisco police (SFPD) arrived at Justin Herman Plaza, the site of Occupy San Francisco.

Occupiers were asleep. They woke up to find they had five minutes to get their belongings and leave the Plaza...

Davey D reported fully functional bikes, entire backpacks with computers and the life savings of homeless people were all thrown away. Male officers searched peaceful female occupiers, which led to complaints of male officers feeling them up. The SFPD also rubbed one occupier’s face in the pavement, and on the UStream they could be seen sneering and laughing about the raid...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 81 of #OWS: Sean Penn To The Rescue, #OccupyLA

Sean Penn on Piers Morgan Tonight in October, Part 1 of 4

From Kevin's liveblog (Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy NOLA Evicted Despite Scheduled TRO Hearing):
…And then my phone rings. A scruffy voice says, “Hello Joan?” and I reply, “Yes.”

He responds, “This is Sean Penn. Where are you? What is happening?”

...Sean asks if I am willing to go over and meet with the director of the film to help resolve the issue, “Go alone and tell them you are my friend and that you need to speak to Ruben Fleischer.” Moreover, he says that he is willing to pay for digital editing to remove people and shadows from the shots of City Hall. He tells me that he supports Occupy and did not know that the film was doing these re-shoots in the same place that the Mayor set aside for free speech activities.
Also #OccupyHomes is underway. Kevin:
12:50 PM Actions have begun in last hours. In Chicago, where I am right now, there are two actions underway. One is a house warming party for a family that “liberated a foreclosed home” in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood of Chicago. Another involves a vacant, bank-owned building on Van Buren St that is being cleaned and boarded up by the South Austin Coalition (SACC).

Monday, December 5, 2011

Local Action #OccupyPortland On Day 80 #OWS

Doggin' Wells Fargo 2011/12/05


Still Standing II: #OccupyDC - #OWS Day 80

Occupy DC Protesters Arrested (Raw Video - h/t Kevin Gosztola)

Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy DC is Still Standing:
For what it’s worth, Occupy DC released a statement on the winter structure that police tore down.
The modular structure was designed by professionals ‘to code’. It meets all health and safety requirements and is fully accessible. It is non-permanent, has no foundations and is not tethered to the ground. It’s designed to be movable every four days to protect the grass beneath the structure. The structure is fully sustainable–it is built to be entirely passively solar-heated and will feature a hydroponic irrigation system on the roof.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Take It Back: #OccupyPortland On Day 79 #OWS

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever." - 1984 (image from @Jason_Darnell)

[Update: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy DC Police Raid, Arrests Made of People in Structure]

Portland Mercury BlogtownPDX (h/t Gosztola @ FDL):
From Sarah Mirk on Sat, Dec 3, 2011
The march is now reportedly wandering around Old Town. The crowd is over 300 people strong, which is large enough to block traffic and garner alternate solidarity fists/"Fuck You!"s from the bros hitting the bars downtown.

It's a bit of a cat and mouse game, with police seemingly trying to guess the direction of the march and block it off, but overall taking a hands-off approach to the protest at this moment. There appear to be few or no riot police directly around the march. There is, of course, at least one person on stilts...


Saturday, December 3, 2011

The New Normal: LASD's Guantanamo Dreams - #OccupyLA, Day 78 #OWS

LA County Jail

[Update II (videos): Human microphone testimonials of abuse, below the fold. (h/t TarheelDem)]

[Update:Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Undercover LAPD Infiltrated Occupy LA]

Some things do "trickle down." The voodoo economics of upwards wealth distribution - in the vain hope that worthy "producers" will use their lunatic gravity to swell a tide lifting all boats - has been pretty well clearly exposed as a scam. However, our treatment of certain categories of human beings (why are there categories of human beings?) has just as clearly infected the status quo of domestic detention procedure.

This violent country has always had its chain gangs, its Abner Louimas, its Clint Yarboroughs & Scott Norbergs (yah, that's a two-fer for serial prisoner abuser Sheriff Joe Arpaio there), and various other prison atrocities. But these have been considered (accurately or not) as fringe incidents, and generally receive the full weight of public and media disapprobation upon discovery, often accompanied by sanctions.

Now that torture and mistreatment of "terrorist" prisoners has been sanctified by the highest levels of our government, the immutable law voiced by pastor Martin Niemöller...
First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Friday, December 2, 2011

West Coast Port Shutdown Monday, Dec 12th - #OWS

US Constitution

Luntz's Sweet Little Lies - Day 77 #OWS

Fleetwood Mac - "Little Lies" from Tango in the Night

Kevin's liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy Tampa Participants Arrested After Refusing to Leave a Public Park

Frank Luntz says he's "frightened to death" over #OWS' messaging success. I don't know - the man's stock-and-trade is advising how to obfuscate... oh, crissakes, he's a professional liar. In any case, his wisdom has been handed down.

Via Yahoo! News (h/t TarheelDem - click through to read of Luntz's reasons for these sweet little lies):
  • Don't say 'capitalism.'
  • Don't say that the government 'taxes the rich.' Instead, tell them that the government 'takes from the rich.'
  • Republicans should forget about winning the battle over the 'middle class.' Call them 'hardworking taxpayers.'
  • Don't talk about 'jobs.' Talk about 'careers.'
  • Don't say 'government spending.' Call it 'waste.'
  • Don't ever say you're willing to 'compromise.'
  • The three most important words you can say to an Occupier: 'I get it.'
  • Out: 'Entrepreneur.' In: 'Job creator.'
  • Don't ever ask anyone to 'sacrifice.'
  • Always blame Washington.
  • Don't say 'bonus!'

I do have problems with the excitable (and partisan) Cenk Uygar, who "loves Capitalism"

#OccupyEverywhere! Frank Luntz is scared!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arthur Shreds "Goddamned Piece Of Paper"

US Constitution
Actually a goddamned piece of parchment
"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back. "It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"
- President George W. Bush (disputed)
Many of us are concerned with the deterioration of the oversight for the rights assigned to us by our Constitution, a document I hold some reverence for myself (with reservations, specifically regarding the right to property), and for the erosion of the rule-of-law in general. Arthur Silber brings our attention to an important fact: That this achievement of the American Enlightenment yet retains dubious pedigree: An early weapon, wielded by moneyed elites, against the ideals of true democracy.

Arthur Silber (emphases in original):
The Constitution created a government of, by and for the most wealthy and powerful Americans -- and it made certain (insofar as men can make such things certain) that their rule would never be seriously threatened. The most wealthy and powerful Americans were the ones who wrote it, after all...

Today, many of the people who complain most vigorously about the current state of affairs still clamor for a return to "real Constitutional values" and for the revival of the Founders' vision of the Republic. With very rare exceptions, their efforts are directed to the continuation of the Founders' revised version of "democracy," not to the vision with which the "Revolution" had begun....

City Of Boston Joins LA & Philly In Voicing Full-Throated Support For The Health Of #OccupyEverywhere - #OWS Day 75

Occupy LA Crackdown

[Update III: Great video (song) after the fold, below!]

[Update II: Police Occupy City Hall Before Attacking Protesters (Philadelphia photo-set, h/t TarheelDem)]

[Update: Phoenix protesters pepper-sprayed at Westin Kierland Resort]

FDL liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: @OccupyPhilly & @OccupyLA Evicted, Hundreds Arrested

WCVB Boston: City Moving To Remove 'Occupy Boston' Protesters

Storyful: Police raid Occupy camps in LA, Philadelphia

Major cities in the US, expressing concern for waning interest in local occupations, have moved in to create more media theater to keep the movement alive. #Occupations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and now Boston received welcome injections of publicity courtesy of local police staff. Some say that this public relations effort is being coordinated at the Federal level.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still Standing - #OWS Day 74

Occupy LA Times
Front page photo from 1st edition of Occupied LA Times

Today: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Students Protest as University Boards Move to Raise Tuition

Lisa Derrick, last night:
It was miraculous, and I hope that spirit of community, or mutual respect, or restraint or whatever–LOVE–love of oneself, of one’s city, or one’s fellows can spread through Los Angeles’ police and community and become a model for both cops and civilians to work in cooperation to obey the laws and foster change.
A little "girly hop:"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mic Check Sunday - 72nd Day Of The #Occupation

Mic Check from The Battle Of Los Angeles - Rage Against The Machine

[Update 11/28:Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Philly, LA Occupations Survive Eviction.]

[For those who may have noticed - and I thank you if you did - I was too distracted yesterday to put up a post. No, the movement is not dead - I was attacked by nefarious Trojans and spent the day engaged in a mighty death-match.]
With this mic device
I spit nonfiction
Who got tha power
This be my question
Tha mass of tha few in this torn nation?
Tha priest tha book or tha congregation?
Tha politricks who rob and hold down your zone?
Or those who give tha thieves tha key to their homes?
Tha pig who's free to murder one Shucklak
Or survivors who make a move and murder one back?
Mic Check - Rage Against The Machine
Gosztola's liveblog, updated for Sunday: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy Philly Eviction in Progress.

As #OccupyLA and #OccupyPhilly gird up for upcoming "negotiations" with the "authorities," I thought I'd round up some videos of concerned heroes interrupting the decorum of business-as-usual America, in various contexts and ways, presented in random order. More "mic checks," please!

Friday, November 25, 2011

"No Occupiers Around": Pepper-Spray On Black Friday - #OWS Day 70

Porter Ranch
Image from L.A. NOW

Black Friday liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Black Friday
No occupiers around.
- TarheelDem
Shoulda boycotted, folks - L.A. NOW:
In Porter Ranch, a woman pepper sprayed customers at a Wal-Mart in what authorities say was a deliberate attempt to get more "door buster" merchandise.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving (Happy RWCSURRC Day!) - #OWS Day 69

C'mon, you expected no less from me!

Happy Rapacious Warrior Class Stumbles Upon Resource Rich Continent Day!

Tony gets it


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Open Letter to the Winter Patriot - #OWS Day 68

Washington at the crossing
Washington's troops #OccupyDelawareRiver - Painting by Peter Fiore of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

[Update: Kevin's liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Protests, Events Planned for Black Friday & Thanksgiving]
These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.
- Thomas Paine, 1776
The country is blessed with "winter soldiers" right now - the #Occupiers are winterizing for the next few months, tempering the seedcorn of the revolution for its mighty springtime burst. It is but a gesture, in my opinion - the Spring is inevitable, and the new life that accompanies that vital season will no doubt infuse the revolution - but it is a powerful gesture, ceremonial in its dignity, provocative in its commitment.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Peter Tosh - Lessons In My Life - Day 66 #OWS

Lessons In My Life - No Nuclear War

[Update: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: The Fallout from Pepper Spraying of UC Davis Students.]
I've learned some lessons in my life
Always be careful of mankind
They'll make you promises today
But tomorrow they change their mind

But I'm an upfull man
And I love upfull people
I'm a progressive man
And I love progressive people

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"There Must Be Space For Disobedience": The Irony Of Good Intentions - Day 64 Of The #OccupyWallStreet Seedcorn

The Video: The latest blunder is very, very famous now

Today's liveblog is all about it: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Pepper-Spraying of UC Davis Students, Lobbying Firm to Offer Advice on OWS & More.

From Nathan Brown, Department of English UC Davis, Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, calling for her resignation (h/t Kevin Gostola - my emphases):
I am writing to tell you in no uncertain terms that there must be space for protest on our campus. There must be space for political dissent on our campus. There must be space for civil disobedience on our campus. There must be space for students to assert their right to decide on the form of their protest, their dissent, and their civil disobedience—including the simple act of setting up tents in solidarity with other students who have done so. There must be space for protest and dissent, especially, when the object of protest and dissent is police brutality itself. You may not order police to forcefully disperse student protesters peacefully protesting police brutality. You may not do so. It is not an option available to you as the Chancellor of a UC campus. That is why I am calling for your immediate resignation.
(There is more withering rhetoric in the letter - "you are the primary threat to the safety of students at UC Davis" - so it is worth reading in full.)

I only wanted to say that there is indeed sanctioned space for protests. Under the Bush administration, they began calling them "Free Speech Zones" (although have existed without this moniker for at least 40 years - emphasis mine):

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Word For Today Is "Historic" - #OWS Day 63 - #N17

Portland Pepper Sprays
Portland Police officer getting his barista on

FDL's premier liveblog for today: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Aftermath of a Massive Day of Action.

The official site for #OWS, OccupyWallStreet, calls yesterday's highly invigorating actions "historic". I do not find this hyperbolic:
  • Over 30,000 People Rally in New York City (NYPD estimated 32,500), including organized contingents of workers, students, and other members of “the 99%”
  • Actions in at least 30 cities across the country and around the world
  • Commemoration of 2-Months Since Birth of the 99% Movement, Festival of Lights on Brooklyn Bridge (Note: My personal fave)
  • Blockade of all Entry-Points to NYSE; hundreds participate in nonviolence civil disobedience
  • Sense that a powerful and diverse civic movement for social justice is on the ascent

Double hippie-punching points for the NYPD - it's a girl, too!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#OWS Day 61 - The "Reinvigorization"

Dorli Rainey
This is what Democracy A Republic Looks Like: Uppity 84-year-old Dorli Rainey gets her just desserts. For more inspiring images of the heroic ministrations of the Guardians of Democracy The Republic, visit the slideshow at

Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupy Wall Street Raid Reinvigorates Occupations All Over America.

Tidbits and ruminations:

The parade of serendipitous blunders continues:, November 15, 2011:
Several people, including a pregnant woman, were pepper sprayed during an Occupy Seattle protest on Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Education Of The Occupation - #OWS Day 60

Aerial: Police assaulting #Occupiers in NY

[Update: Gosztola: Why Tents Have Little to Do with Reason Behind Occupy Wall Street Eviction].

Kevin's daily liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Day 59, Occupy Wall Street Camp is Gone.

Ian Welsh, Education and retaliation in OWS:
The police and mayor are fools. By committing atrocities, they are forcing people to engage in effective action. They are forcing the protestors to strike back and do something which will actually hurt the powerful.

But the police and mayor are also doing the necessary work of educating people. These folks would not believe those of us who told them that simple peaceful protest would not accomplish anything. Only the police, and a Democratic mayor... could convince them of that.

The above quote is about Oakland, from an essay Ian published over two weeks ago, but he could as well have been reporting on the actions of Bloomberg and the NYPD early this morning (Update: which he did).

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Violently Welcome, And Celebrate, Arthur Silber's Return

Moon Salute

First, my condolences to Arthur for the loss of his Wendy.

It is always with a bit of trepidation that I approach an Arthur Silber essay. I aspire to be an independent thinker, insofar as that is possible, and I find Silber to be a considerable threat to the fulfillment of this attempt. Therefore, I try to gather the gist of what he is to be writing about from the title and the lede - hopefully just a few sentences will do - and perform a preemptive inventory of my own feelings on the subject. This so that I may retain some pretense of originality before his sincere and diligent logic enchants and directs my thoughts.

Block Party! #OccupyPortland Nov. 20th - #OWS Day 59

Block Party!
Original (and larger) image at Natasha Bailie

Action in #OccupyOakland (surprise!), liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Day 58, Massive Police Operation Unfolds Against Occupy Oakland.

Due to the overwhelming success that Mayor Sam Adams and his merry band of Po-Po has had recently with #OccupyPortland, it is now time to rub their faces in it with a Block Party!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

#OccupyPortland Not Having It, Mayor Adams - #OWS Day 58

Using horses as weapons, Po-Po is backed off by too-big to fail crowd
Hours after the eviction deadline of 12:01 a.m., Portland Police interact with protesters, attempting to push the crowd out of the streets. A police officer was injured shortly before 2 a.m. by a projectile thrown from the crowd. As tension rose, police arrested a 23-year-old man and warned demonstrators they would be subject to arrest or chemical agents.
Today's FDL liveblog: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Day 57, Occupy Portland Survives Night But Still Faces Eviction (Obviously, Kevin and I still disagree on what day it is.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Can't Scratch It, Can't Leave It Alone - Day 57 #OWS, #OccupySTL

St. Louis Metro Police "get some"

[Update II: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Day 56, Occupy Oakland & Occupy Portland Face Eviction].

[Update: Gosztola: Occupy St. Louis Evicted & Raided by Police].

St. Louis Public Radio:
Update 1:27 a.m. Nov. 12:

Following the events of Friday night through early Saturday morning, Lt. Dan Zarrick of the St. Louis Police Department gave a briefing to the press. Here are a few of the points from that briefing:
  • 27 arrests were made and no resistance was offered at any point.
  • All arrested are being charged with violating city's park curfew.
  • Those arrested are being booked and will be taken to the City Justice Center.
  • There was one medical emergency during the course of the evening when a bystander, not a protester, had a seizure. An ambulance took the individual away.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

40,000 New Credit Union Accounts... On A Saturday! - Day 54 #OWS

Amy Goodman interviews Kristen Christian

Liveblog day 54 at FDL: Live Blog for the #Occupy Movement: Day 53, A Tale of Two Alabama Occupations.

Credit unions opened more than 40,000 new accounts on Bank Transfer Day, with a total of $80 million in new savings, according to a survey of credit unions by CUNA released Tuesday afternoon.

In addition, 60% of the credit unions that signed on new members made loans on Saturday. The loans totaled approximately $90 million.
Related, David Dayen wishes to kill two birds with one stone:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 53 #OWS - Tent City In Zucotti Park

Zucotti Tent City
Seth Wenig / AP - Image from

Gosztola at FDL: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Day 52, OWS Has Military Tents Now. (Day 53, actually.)

If there were any doubts, it appears that #OccupyWallStreet is serious about wintering the protest. Having raised, in addition to material donations, over a half-million in cash, the protesters are apparently procuring some heavy-duty shelter, originally designed for the U.S. Military:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Violence And The Psuedo-Anarchist - Day 52 #OWS

Eric Thayer/Getty Image from Nicole Sandler radio or not

Latest FDL liveblog running: Live Blog for the #Occupy Movement: Day 51, Occupy Atlanta Continues to Confront City & Police. (Sticking with "52", me.)

There is some Sturm and Drang in this thread at Ian's place over the emergence of the "fascist" tendencies of the OWS movement in its attempts to retain its commitment to non-violent non-cooperation.

Ominously entitled How OWS actually works, it links to an essay by Fritz Tucker that ironically turns out to be a lament against the hijacking of OWS's core values by a cabal of greedheads called the "Spokes Council," which has apparently emerged in order to basically commandeer the $500,000+ dollars in donations that the Zucotti Park encampment has accumulated.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gosztola's Liveblog - Day 51 #OWS

Bank Transfer Day

Live blog at FDL: Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Day 50, Tens of Thousands Move Money from Big Banks. (My math says it's day 51, though.)

If you didn't get it done yesterday, give them something to think about tomorrow. If you can't do it on Monday, then Tuesday's just as good...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, Remember Bank Transfer Day - Day 50 #OWS

Bank Transfer Day
Bank Transfer Day poster by Fayerman

Live blog at FDL: Live Blog for National Bank Transfer Day.

If you can't get it done today, give them something to think about on Monday. If you can't do it on Monday, then Tuesday's just as good...

Credit Union Times Digital Edition - Bank Transfer Day: Occupy Movements Continue to Promote CUs:
Across the country, Occupy movements are keeping a spotlight on joining credit unions.

Occupy Albany in New York protested outside of Bank of America branches today urging consumers to consider credit unions like the $2.2 billion State Employees Credit Union in Albany, the Times Union reported...

Bank Transfer Day: Winston-Salem CUs See Activity:
...local television news reporters stopped by or called to cover the festivities.

In addition, some of the new credit union members transferring funds today have in fact been big bank employees, who themselves were looking for a better way to bank.

The $917 million Allegacy Federal Credit Union strategically opened four of its busiest branches today...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Remember, Remember Bank Transfer Day - Day 49 #OWS

Occupy Portland Prepares for Bank Transfer Day (November 5th)

[Update: After The People's Hearing on Goldman-Sachs, a mock-trial in Zucotti Park, Chris Hedges Arrested in Front of Goldman Sachs.]

If you can't get it done today, get it done tomorrow. If you can't get it done tomorrow, give them something to think about on Monday. If you can't do it on Monday, then Tuesday's just as good...

American Banker - Bank Customers Flee to CUs:
WASHINGTON — An estimated 650,000 consumers have closed their bank accounts and opted for credit union membership over the past four weeks, according to CUNA, bringing the approach to Saturday’s Bank Transfer Day to a crescendo.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Strike! Cops, Anarchists / And One Impatient Motorist - #OWS Day 48, #OccupyOakland

Impatient Motorist
OPD determining allegiances

State of the Occupation: Aftermath of #OccupyOakland City Shutdown (Wednesday Roundup).

AP via The Sacramento Bee, Car hits 2 Occupy Oakland protesters:
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Two Occupy Oakland protesters have been struck by a car as they marched with a crowd.

The San Francisco Chronicle ( says an angry mob surrounded the silver Mercedes-Benz and screamed at the driver through his closed windows as first responders tended to the injured.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ABC: Oakland Ports "Effectively Shut Down" - #OWS Day 47, #OccupyOakland

Oakland Ports closed

Twitter feed for #OccupyOakland on fire.

Strike! Angela Davis In Oakland - #OWS Day 47, #OccupyOakland

Angela Davis In Oakland
"Dangerous terrorist" (~Nixon) emboldens Oakland strike

[Update: Twitter feed for #OccupyOakland on fire. Also, liveblog is ongoing here.] - Oakland Live Blog: City employees show up to work, Port slowed down:
"The eyes of the world are on our city. There are now Occupy movements in Asia and South America and Europe. The 99 percent are rising all over the planet," Davis tells the crowd.

"Economic justice includes freedom from police oppression..."

Monday, October 31, 2011

"Permiticization" And "Fake Activism" - Day 45 #OWS

Naomi Wolf in 2009

[Update below after the fold, video - what not to do.]

[Update: Kevin Gosztola, Live from #OccupyStLouis, MO]
Professor David Harvey (CUNY):

And, finally, they use the monopoly of violence that all sovereign states claim, to exclude the public from much of what passes for public space and to harass, put under surveillance and, if necessary, criminalize and incarcerate all those who do not broadly accede to its dictates.
- (Updated)
In the video above, Naomi Wolf makes an important point about the "Disney-ication" of contemporary American (non)protesting. The ubiquity of permits that regulate the terms of public access to public property have psychologically "kettled" attempts at effective protest, progressively since the outbursts of the 1960's. "Free speech zones," introduced during the Bush administration, are only the latest examples. Park curfews and camping restrictions on public lands, primarily aimed at the homeless (first they came for the homeless...), have been growing steadily for decades in an irreversible ratcheting fashion. But it is restrictions against impedance of traffic that should the most troubling.

Hermain Cain Moves Outside GOP Comfort Zone, Charged With Sexual Harrassment

Tinfoil Hat
Tinfoil hat courtesy of

New York Daily News: Republican White House hopeful Herman Cain says sexual harassment claims against him were baseless.
“Yes, I was falsely accused while I was at the National Restaurant Association. I say falsely because it turned out after the investigation to be baseless."

Asked if there was a settlement, regardless of the truth of the accusation: "If the restaurant association did a settlement I wasn't even aware of it and I hope it wasn't for much because nothing happened," Cain said.

Cain was responding to an explosive report by Sunday claiming that two women had accused him of improper sexual behavior in the 1990s.
In the 1990s?

Here's the play, as I see it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The FOX And The Troll: Arrests In Portland - Day 44 #OWS, #OccupyPortland

Troll at home provides classy color commentary during arrest of Portland heroes

[Update: More humor after the fold, of a more positive variety.]

As I commented:
Wow. Thanks for posting this. It's a double-gift - both the ignorant bias of the media, and classy commentary from a low-information individual who clearly gets his daily education from the boob-tube. Got to give it to you, dude. *I'd* be embarrassed, but then again I'd say you show promising potential as a foil on a "reality" teevee program. High five!!
If any of you readers feel like moseying on over there to, er, boost this clown's "morale", well... I can't stop you.

Coverage and links for the Portland action can be found in this thread.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chemical Warfare In Denver "Breaking News" - Day 43 #OWS, #OccupyDenver

#OccupyDenver - Pepper-spraying in HD

Update: Video: More police violence:

"Sold out for a check for that uniform!"

Denver Police Aggression, Mike Ruppert - Day 43 #OWS, #OccupyDenver

Saturday's #OccupyDenver clash from inside the crowd

More video from #OccupyDenver clash. Pepper spray and rubber bullets

Update: Video of a very serious Denver stand-off ("This is crazy."):

Occupy Denver In Dangerous Standoff With Police

Mike Ruppert has a powerful message for law enforcement:

A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street

Friday, October 28, 2011

Song Of The Revolution - Day 42 #OWS

Sneef - Song of the Revolution

A protest / love song. I wrote the words, and Sneef provides the musical performance.
Song of the Revolution

Don't mean to be so charmin', darlin'
Didn't mean to be so goddammed harsh,
But if the truth be told, my darlin'
'Twas your dancin' eyes that made me march.

There're a million reasons to change the world,
There's a million reasons to set it right,
But nothin' will ever move a man, girl,
Like a woman like you, sighin' yes! to the fight.

Oh, I sing a song of revolution,
I sing a song of a world brand new,
Oh, I sing a song of fine solutions,
I sing a song of charmin' you.

So let's get this straight, let's cut to the chase,
Let's put the credit where the credit is due,
This world would be even more of a disgrace,
Without the fire that I will blame on you.

Oh, I sing a song of revolution,
I sing a song of a world brand new,
Oh, I sing a song of fine solutions,
I sing a song of charmin' you.

Curse You, Anonymous!

My website provider (where I host my images for this blog) has apparently been struggling with a DDoS attack over the last 24+ hours, so my images are blinking in and out.

(Just kidding, Anonymous, honest. I know it's not you, right? Seriously, it's all good... please don't hurt me!)

NY Post Snack Attack - Day 42 #OWS

#OWS Kitchen

The Atlantic Wire (h/t Phoenix Woman):
"I can definitely tell you that none of us are concerned about 'freeloaders,' " said Chris O'Donnell, another organizer. "All of us have concerns about general camp security, but it wouldn’t be fair to say this is an attempt to get freeloaders or homeless people or anybody like that out of the park..."

[OWS Food Committee member Megan] Hayes was clearly frustrated with the narrative. "The Post first says we eat like kings, then their restaurant critic says our food's horrible. They need to make up their mind about us."
They'll keep trying, so stay strong, and...

Stay Occupied
Stay occupied, my friends

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mayor Of Oakland Walking It Back - Day 41 #OWS, #OccupyOakland

Quan Oakland

The Bay Citizen:
Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, under attack from inside and outside her administration, announced late Wednesday that Occupy Oakland can return to the plaza in front of City Hall, an abrupt reversal that followed a night of street violence Tuesday and widespread criticism over her handling of the crisis.
Police remain unrepentant so far, though:
“I think we’re in trouble. We’ve been placating these people so long that they don’t take us seriously,” one officer said. “If you run this red light 10 times and I’m sitting there and on the 11th time I give you a ticket, you’re going to say, you’ve been watching me this whole time and today you’ve decided to do something about it?”
Oakland solidarity march in NYC attacked:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Offered, With No Further Comment

How I be feelin', sometimes

Oakland, Meet Albany... SHAME! - Day 40 #OWS, #OccupyOakland, #OccupyAlbany, #OccupyAtlanta

Police in Oakland smokin' it up last night

[Update II: athena1's state-of-the-occupation roundup seems to serving as today's liveblog at FDL, at least for the time being. Will update. Head on over to the comment thread for lots of great information on the arrests. As wayoutwest notes in the thread:
I want to thank Kevin and everyone else here for the excellent reporting on this Movement. It appears that FDL and a few other sources are the only places that we can get a true account of the repression that is beginning. All of the MSM reporting has been biased but i believe most people will see through this filter and see the truth.
Link: State of the Occupation (Tuesday Roundup)]

[Update: Video of Atlanta arrests this morning added below, after the fold (h/t TarheelDem).]

Police tear gas Occupy Oakland protesters.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Whiteness And The 99% - Joel Olson - #OWS Day 38

Revolution of the Mind
Image from American Damn

[Update: Chris Hedges, Occupiers Have to Convince the Other 99 Percent:
The occupation movement’s greatest challenge will be overcoming the deep distrust of white liberals by the poor and the working class, especially people of color.

Yesterday's FDL liveblog continues, update coming: Live Blog for #OWS: The Struggle Over Park Space in America

Joel Olson (emphases in the original):
No one is opposed to good schools, safe neighborhoods, healthy communities, and economic security for whites. The problem is that in the white democracy, whites often enjoy these at the expense of communities of color. This creates a distorted mindset among many whites: they praise freedom yet support a system that clearly favors the rich, even at the expense of poor whites...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Counter-Insurgency Of The Elites - Day 37 #OWS, #15O

Counter-insurgency shows its ass in Chicago

[Update II: The new liveblog has begun: Live Blog for #OWS: The Struggle Over Park Space in America]

[Update: Another Chicago video, posted after the fold.]

(Cross-posted at My FireDogLake.)

Liveblog from yesterday continues, will post new one as it appears: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 36, Pete Seeger & Occupiers March to Columbus Circle

It is with felicitous irony that the #Occupy movement adopted an inappropriate metaphor.

For it is the People of the world who have been under occupation by an unwelcome foreign force that has used unconscionable brutality to deny them the right to properly care for each other in their own sovereign Country, the planet Earth.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Best - Day 36 #OWS, #OccupyCleveland, #OccupyAtlanta

The Best American Music

(Cross-posted at My FireDogLake.)

Live Blog for #OWS: Day 36, Pete Seeger & Occupiers March to Columbus Circle

Pete Seeger is 92 years old. He joined a march to Columbus Circle and performed for #OccupyWallStreet, only the latest gesture in his lifetime of putting himself at the forefront of revolution and justice. He is the Best. He was joined by his grandson Tao, Arlo son of Woodie, and others.

At #OccupyAtlanta, folks there are pushing on with a planned hip-hop show in spite of being denied the use of their own power generator. I look forward to videos from this (forcefully) unplugged event.

Last night, at least 11 10? courageous people were arrested in Cleveland.

"Eviction day... and the city is doing they do best, or what the country does best, is evict people"

Friday, October 21, 2011

This Is Day 35 Of The #Occupation

Revolution of the Mind
Phoenix, AZ on 10/14/2011 (AP Photo/The Arizona Repubiic, Dave Seibert)

For the fullsize image of the Phoenix event, plus loads of other photos of #Occupy events around the world, click through to The Atlantic.

[Update II: Video added below the fold.]

[Update: Kevin's joint: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 35, Bloomberg Says City Will Enforce Laws Requiring Permits
The New York Post reported there will be more arrests of Occupy Wall Street participants, who do not abide by New York City laws for demonstrations. Bloomberg also warned that a crackdown was coming.]

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Is A (R)Evolution Of The Mind - #OWS Day 34

Revolution of the Mind

Live Blog for #OWS: Day 34, Touring the Other Occupations.

Lots of folks have lots of things to say about the #OccupyWallStreet phenomenon. Even to peel away the obvious slander attempts, and the patronizing and clueless advice being given to the movement, there still remains a great deal of sincere commentary variously aimed at well-intentioned buttressing or even prognostication on "how it will all turn out." It is very difficult for the majority of us to think outside of the very large box of our paradigm of "how the world is." In that spirit, I'd like to say something, and to all of my 99% brethren out there, most of whom are not Americans, I welcome any grains of salt necessary to mitigate my lingering myopia.

This is a (r)evolution of the mind.

Quick Hit: Shut The Fuck Up Edition - #OWS Day 34


Excerpted email I received from DFA (no link) this morning:
One of the most powerful things about the Occupy Wall Street movement is that it's leaderless. No one person or organization controls it, drives it or can take credit for the movement that's continuing to build everyday...

...So, sign up to get your free sticker right now, or get a pack of 10 for $10...
This is typical of the emails I've received from other "professional" leftie organizations, organizations that have been around for years and haven't done a goddamned thing other than raise money and assist in the election of our corporate/political class. Hitching your star to #OWS is despicable.

There's a tired old saying which I'm not particularly fond of, but considering the target I don't feel the need to get too clever here: "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." DFA, (the "reprehensible organization," according to Chris Hedges), the rest of you, you're in get out of the way territory. Even better, shut the fuck up!

I plan on putting up a more substantive post a little later, but here is the link for Live Blog for #OWS: Day 34, Touring the Other Occupations.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Greece Is Closed For 48 Hours" - #OWS Day 33

RT News

[Update II, video below: Police clash with Greek protesters outside Parliament.]

[Update: New liveblog up at FDL Dissenter: Live Blog for #OWS: Occupiers March Against NYPD Violence, Attempt to Confront Gov. Cuomo]

Yesterday's liveblog continues: Live Blog of #OWS: Day 32, Human Chain Protects Medical Tent from NYPD Confiscation

Dame Street, Ireland, 10/08:

Update: Police clash with Greek protesters outside Parliament:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Yorker Mocks 1% Mocking 99% - #OWS Day 32


Live Blog of #OWS: Day 32, Human Chain Protects Medical Tent from NYPD Confiscation

Bloomberg providing more "incidents" for the cause. Jesse & the Medical Tent Incident:

The Reverend Gets Some #Occupy Cred

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How To Get Arrested For #OWS - You Know You Want To! (Day 30)

Fight for your right to be... naughty

[Update: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 30, Aftermath of the Day of Global Action – Evening Edition]

[Update: Read Kevin's excellent roundup: Taking Times Square: Occupy Wall Street Movement is Becoming Very Powerful]

Simple. Pay your bank a visit tomorrow. Then find a local credit union and make their day.

After a fine Saturday of GLOBAL #Occupation, what will Sunday bring? Yesterday's Gosztola liveblog continues, will update when a new one starts: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 29, A Day of Global Action.

While my hot-blooded kindred in Rome stomped around for attention, Madrid was off the hook, yo:

Friday, October 14, 2011

"Denver Police Break Up Peaceful Protest, Give Park Back To The Drug Dealers" - Day 28, #OccupyDenver #OccupyWallStreet

#OWS Collage

[Update 12:30 EST: Small but hardy #OccupyTrenton just had all possessions confiscated. Livestream.]

(Humorous title courtesy John, aka PopMusicNotes, h/t Cahokia.) From Occupy Denver:
Ground Update: Central camp has been evacuated and the final structures have come down. There were a few arrests of those defending our kitchen. Occupiers have been pushed out to the perimeters of Lincoln park and yet... Occupy Denver lives on. This is NOT over. Make signs. Come down. Fear Not. OCCUPY!
As for Bloomberg's cleanup party:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Emergency Call To Action" - Day 27 #OccupyWallStreet (day count corrected)

#OWS Collage

[Update: athena1 reports:
kgosztola Kevin Gosztola
Emergency change of plans: headed back to @OccupyWallSt to show solidarity & report on possible eviction of #ows ]

Today's FDL liveblog: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 27, Sanitation as Pretext to Clear Out Liberty Park.

Apparently, despite the fact the Zucotti ("Liberty") Park is being kept surprisingly clean and orderly, hizzoner Bloomberg is asking the #Occupiers to "temporarily" vacate the park so that the city can give it a buff.

For some reason, the protesters suspect that they will not be allowed back in. I can't imagine why they would think such a thing.

From, EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION: Keep Bloomberg and Kelly From Evicting #OWS:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

About That Cyberwarfare... #OccupyBoston, #OccupyWallstreet

U.S. Cyber Command
Image grifted from cyber arms

[Update: New Gosztola liveblog up: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 26, Overwhelming Majority of Americans Know of “Occupy” Protests. (Note day # adjustment. And I thought it was just me.)]
OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
Live Feeds (LiveStream, UStream, are all being being JAMMED here in Chicago – We wish we could provide video! #OccupyChi
44 seconds ago
This tweet came out of #OccupyChicago a couple of days ago during the Boston raids. It caused some tinfoil-hattery about the Federal government employing cyber-warfare against the social media that is so obviously assisting the #Occupy movements. (Tinfoil-hattery is not a derogation, coming from me.)

It's an interesting thought but I, for one, suspect that such a tactic might backfire, badly.

"More Tents, More Tarps, More People" - Day 27 #OccupyDC, #OccupyWallStreet

@johnRquinn: "More tents, more tarps, more people"

[Update: Looks like some police action in #OccupyHouston. Livestream.]

[Update: #OccupyWallStreet crossing the pond this weekend: Occupy Wall Street protests come to London]

FDL's #OWS liveblog from yesterday continues, will add new link when today's appears: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 26, Occupy Boston Raided by Police.

Day 27 of #OccupyWallStreet - #OccupyEverywhere - brings more growth, strength and solidarity. #OccupyPortlander carpenterpoetzz reports:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Krugman: Panic of the Plutocrats - Day 26 #OccupyWallStreet

Paul Krugman

[Update: #OccupyBoston: We Are Rebuilding]

Paul Krugman this morning:
What’s going on here? The answer, surely, is that Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe realize, deep down, how morally indefensible their position is. They’re not John Galt; they’re not even Steve Jobs. They’re people who got rich by peddling complex financial schemes that, far from delivering clear benefits to the American people, helped push us into a crisis whose aftereffects continue to blight the lives of tens of millions of their fellow citizens.

Yet they have paid no price....
Liveblog for the #Occupyin' at FDL: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 26, Occupy Boston Raided by Police.

Bank of America
"Close Your Account" - Bank of America on Hawthorne in PDX, today

Monday, October 10, 2011

Boston Assaulted By Police - Day 25 #OccupyBoston #OccupyWallStreet

[Update 10/11: Arrests at the Senate: DC Livestream Note: This is the Stop The Machine Oct 11 protest, not directly affiliated with #OccupyDC.]

[Update: Up to 100 arrests reported, medical supplies destroyed and/or confiscated, tents, etc. thrown in dumpsters. Injuries reported. Camp site 2 eliminated, Camp 1 still intact.]

Liveblog: Boston Police & Massachusetts State Police Raid #OccupyBoston Camp.

Day 24 - See How They Run - #OccupyWallStreet

"FOX News Lies! FOX News Lies" - Awesome

Today is the day we celebrate the discovery of the North American continent by the rapacious warrior class. And here we are, on Day 24 of an #Occupation committed to topple the inevitable conclusion of their philosophy.

In the RT News YouTube above is the shadenfreudelicous sight of Geraldo & FOX News being escorted away from their little media event. The gentleman at the end of the video says it all:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful Video Deserves A Post Of Its Own - #OccupyAustin, #OccupyWallStreet, #OccupyEverywhere

Banks Reduced To Begging The People To Accept Austerity

IMF Advisor Warns Of Meltdown (h/t cmaukonen at MyFDL)

Watching these gentlemen insist, complete with trembling voices, that banks must be propped up, and quickly, by government - hence by taxpayers, by the people, by further and deeper austerities - puts a further dramatic weight on the #OccupyWallStreet movements. Existing tension between the U.S. Government and its citizens will only be exacerbated by further cuts in social and public services, and it is quite clear that no one is particularly in the mood for this.

Day 23 #OccupyWallStreet - London, Media Exploits


[Update: Congressman Lewis, this morning:
Speaking to CNN on Sunday morning, Lewis said he had visited a rally in Atlanta near his office "to lend my support and to encourage the people because I support their efforts all across America." He was unable to speak to the crowd, he said, but not because he was refused. Lewis said the group told him he could speak after they finished their business, but that he had to leave.

[Update: Rep. John Lewis Speaks Spoke Out in Solidarity With Occupy Wall Street Movement. (Updated to reflect that this occurred before the GA meeting.)]

American Spectator Editor Admits to Being Agent Provocateur at D.C. Museum.

The "John Lewis in #OccupyAtlanta" issue looks like it isn't easily going away. Follow tweets on #OccupyAtlanta. I suggest a very strong reach-out to the Congressman to help set this right.

The Gostzola liveblog at FDL: Live Blog for #OWS: Day 23, London Activists Block Westminster Bridge.