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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ooh, Listen To The Fifteen-Year-Old. This Is "I Can Die In Peace" Material.

This should cheer up a few of my friends and sphincter some of my adversaries.

(YouTube link if embedded video above is truncated in your browser.)

h/t Lisa Simeone and Tomm Undergod.

Update (2/25/11): A little slow on the uptake, me, and sure, I'm annoyed that the very inspiring video was taken down. But I'm downright pissed that Lisa's & Tomm's comments seem to have gone down the memory hole. Deeply pissed. Fuck whoever was involved in that censorship. Deeply.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WikiLeaks And Authoritarianism

Whether or not this is a serious "cyberwar" or, if it is, it rises to the sober gravitas of an actual armed conflict, the battle against corporate websites by 4Chan and other hackers, tentatively abetted (so far) by primarily social networking sites, clarifies the field quite a bit.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chris Hedges: Hope

For our modern times:
I cannot promise you fine weather or an easy time. I cannot assure you that thousands will converge on Lafayette Park in solidarity. I cannot pretend that being handcuffed is pleasant. I cannot say that anyone in Congress or the White House, anyone in the boardrooms of the corporations that cannibalize our nation, will be moved by pity to act for the common good. I cannot tell you these wars will end or the hungry will be fed. I cannot say that justice will roll down like a mighty wave and restore our nation to sanity. But I can say this: If we resist and carry out acts, no matter how small, of open defiance, hope will not be extinguished. If all we accomplish is to assure a grieving mother in Baghdad or Afghanistan, a young man or woman crippled physically and emotionally by the hammer blows of war, that he or she is not alone, our resistance will be successful. Hope cannot be sustained if it cannot be seen.

I have to to admit that, being of a certain age, that "protest" and "sit-in" and "chaining oneself to the [insert object here]" leave a bit of a cynical bad taste in my mouth.

On the other hand, the greedheads really hate that stuff. And, so...