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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rubicon Crossed


There is a depression running through me like a low-level chronic fever. Watching the accelerating pace of our nation's self-degradation has evoked all sorts of paralyzing and surprising emotions within me. One sad example is that, for me, the '80's was my "ascendant" period, and I reached Peak Mike somewhere in the early nineties, when the nation of the whole was embarking on its last hurrah. So I have been getting flashes of nostalgia for the zeitgeist of that period - of the eighties, for shit's sake! - which is wrong and horrible on so many levels.

That would be enough right there to justify a rip-roaring depression. I offer it as an excuse for my lack of enthusiasm in updating this poor, neglected blog.

And now, this story about FBI raids on domestic malcontents. Malcontents who will surely be characterized as terrorist sympathizers as this Grand State further metastasizes.

Chris Floyd takes up the subject (surprise!) by way of a post by Paul Craig Roberts, and you should be clicking over there, just for me, because misery loves company.

Of course, Chris always lays in a bit of the sublime to give us a little perspective (Pasternak!), and it mitigates the pain - at least on an existential level. I still feel a grievous sentiment over the America that never was, however...

And, finally, the primary motivation for getting off my ass and posting this is to send a clear message to my government that I stand with these putative "terrorist sympathizers" and I will never take the pledge that the patriotic housewife in the above image is honoring, and that I will never, ever, love Big Brother.

Fuck Room 101, Gitmo style.

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