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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hail, Portland

Just another sunny May day in Portland - and I mean literally, sunny - with a sprinkling of WTF hail. I've only been here for 10 months - not quite a full cycle - so I don't know what to think. The locals seem to be OK with it, but I hear a lot of comments that the spring weather this year is a bit, ah, different - I just can't say how different myself, as yet.

(Please forgive the setting and the crappy cam handling. It's the content, not the form. Focus, people.) ;)


  1. Petro~
    That hail is just crazy!
    How can I link that video to my facebook page?
    Lion Share

  2. yea, Petro, how may one forward a copy of that video?
    That was some hail.
    All hail Petro.

  3. How kind of you both.

    If you hover your mouse over the lower right of the video, it offers to "Watch it on YouTube." Click and it takes you over there, and at their site they have an "" button, that you can use to put on your site, plus an "Email this Video" option as well.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. That should read "Embed" button, but I added some descriptive characters that apparently freaked out

  5. Your Favorite BartenderJune 2, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    Call me when the locusts come!

  6. Yea, that's rich coming from someone living in Phoenix, FaveB...

  7. Your Favorite BartenderJune 11, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    Update please...need new material!

  8. I hear ya, FaveB... I keep starting posts on the Gulf, er, situation, but they rapidly descend into obscene and incomprehensible glossolalia.

    I almost posted a plea for all automobile drivers to shut the fuck up about complaining about the disaster until they turned in their keys - but then I thought that would be a great way of alienating pretty much anyone who even thought of reading my blog...

    Been working a lot, but my lonely eyes turn to the blog every day...

  9. Why couldn't they be what they look like? Real pearls dropped from the heavens by the gods. You'd be on easy street!

  10. Hey, Scrib!

    They really did look like pearls - a true poet's take on what the eye beholds.

    And here's to your latest post!

  11. YourFavoriteBartenderJune 23, 2010 at 1:34 PM

    Please write something new...I'm Brian Jonesing for some clearly and cleverly written weed induced lefty paranoia masquerading as well researched forward looking policy suggestions. C'mon Petro, Stan "Biden? Did you say 'bite me' McCrystal hasn't stirred the creative juices? Surely Olbermann hasn't snaked ALL your material!


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