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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Costs Of Complexity

Deepwater Horizon

John Michael Greer of The Archdruid Report has a great post up: The Costs of Complexity, a subject which holds some interest for me. Go read it, then check out some things that I have written on this subject.


  1. The more complex things are the more chance for something to go wrong.
    The more low bid contracts are used the more likely something will go wrong.
    The more industry denies liability and avoids the total cost of what they do the more things will go wrong. Things like oil slicks, pollution, healthcare costs associated with pollution increased cancer risks, asthma etc

    The more industry lobbies against costly safety measures like the automatic shut off values Norway and England but not America insist BP uses on their wells but not Free Market America the more things will go wrong.
    Free Market Capitalism needs to be regulated with the aim of protecting all people and not just shareholder profits.
    The more complex and the the more dangerous something is the more it needs to be regulated.

  2. Hey, what's up Manuel (that's your handle over here, eh?) Been following you over at FDL, but haven't felt the need to speak up much. The 'Pups get all the angles pretty well.

    Anyway, everything you say is true. There's another dimension to complex society malfunction that can't be fixed by ferreting out corruption or doing things more "efficiently." Tainter's book (The Collapse of Complex Societies), and the linked posts, discuss that.

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!!

  3. The Book sounds interesting I'll add it to my list. Corruption and well is will full bias covered the idea that anything that runs against your getting a paycheck is automatically wrong?
    How about how old ideas hang on because thats what you were taught despite real world evidence to the contrary like Chicago school economics?

  4. Come on Petro add in your 2 cents at the Lake more even if its just to socialize :)


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