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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things To Come

Bank Window Smashed
Bank Window Smashed
Update: Due to the recent rash of window smashing at Democratic Party offices, I would like to apologize for my unfortunate "schadenfreudelicious" snark. It's not funny.

Well, lookee here.

Arrived at my bus stop this morning, on my way to make some "World's Greatest Hamburger(s)", and was presented with this schadenfreudelicious tableau. This is a window at the Chase bank branch office, on 39th & Hawthorne.

Someone or two or three gifted the bank with a brick (you can see it at the bottom of the window, on the inside.) Spray painted on the wall of the bank was this little greeting card (I paraphrase because my bus arrived before I could snap a pic of that):

Police protect the rich, we can take care of ourselves.

Oh, boy. And so it begins.


  1. So 'they' destroy property, sheesh.
    Now I have to look up 'schadenfreud'.
    Thanks Petro.

  2. Hi, "Anonymous." Thanks for leaving a comment!

    I probably should mention that this kind of behaviour makes innocent people afraid... I wouldn't want to be working in a bank these days.

    There will be more unrest, and more stupid acts of violence. I hope we get out of that stage relatively quickly.

  3. Your Favorite BartenderMarch 31, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    Of course there will be, because when everything is ramped up into a "fight" the only logical thing to do is to actually fight. Frustration produces violence, and this shouldn't really come as a shock to anyone at all. The Right will claim this is tride and true Americans using their Founding Father Constitutional Capitalist Rights to the fullest you betcha but what it really comes down to is people are scared...scared of damn near everything right now...and that fear is rooted firmly in 2000-2008.

  4. Hey, Fave B. - when you're right, you're right.

    I have to say that plenty of blame falls on Obama as well, at this point.

  5. a year and a half later....

    hiya petro,

    responding to your last comment at ian's....

    i can't agree that vandalism is ALWAYS anti-nonviolence (cantonsville nine, etc).

    your comment, "this kind of behaviour makes innocent people afraid... I wouldn't want to be working in a bank these days" i think it right on.

    the real issue, i think, is not vandalism per se, but rather the combination of vandalism & masks & running away when conducted as part of larger action which includes people who are unmasked, etc. because it unfairly disadvantages some members of the action. this is what i find troubling.... and i think this is what will have to be "handled" / figured out on the ground by the participants in the various occupations and actions -- not by online observers.

    much more troubling to me are the moral judgments (vandals! violent! blah-blah...) being made and acted upon by those who weren't even there. strikes me as simple pearl clutching. claiming to support nonviolence while taking anti-nonviolence actions is my personal pet peeve because it perpetuates false notions about what strategic nonviolence really is. (please note: i'm not talking about efforts to discuss what makes the most strategic sense among those who are participating or who want/plan to).

  6. First... selise at my place! :)

    I understand completely. This can indeed be a woolly issue for some folks, and I appreciate you pointing out concerns that should be addressed when discussing it.

  7. @petro, am just thinking out loud (keyboard style). who knows, may have to change my mind tomorrow! but was v nice to be able to do some of that the thinking out loud with you. thanks!

  8. selise, Towner has also continued the conversation over here.



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