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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Articulation Of Chris Floyd

Our Administrators
Image by Rowena_2007
I have run out of words to describe how vile this is. The mind recoils against fully comprehending the moral depravity of our leaders -- and the reeking stench of their pious hypocrisy.
This, from a post entitled "Teach Your Children Well: There Is No Law But Might And Murder". Obviously, Dick Cheney is involved in the situation that has provoked Mr. Floyd's article (go read it of course - he is indispensable) but, more importantly, so is every motherfucker from current and past administrations.

I too don't have the words. So... what he said.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Portland, Again... And Lovin' It

Bus Stop Shadow
Petro @ Bus Stop
OK, back to me.

I simply feel compelled to provide, for my multitude of lurkers, a proper and recent image of me, waiting for the bus after a productive day of producing the "World's Greatest Hamburger(s)" for the multitudes. Because, dontchaknow, my readers are way above the the blogging tradition of leaving a trail of turds comments on my posts. A principle for which I am very humiliated grateful.