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Monday, November 23, 2009

Socialism And Capitalism

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Rogue Columnist Jon Talton has a post up regarding a debate he participated in, at which he was cornered into some uncharacteristic apologia for the merits of capitalism. I don't have much to comment on here - Jon is an honest thinker of some weight and he deftly maps the landscape and so you really should go read it for yourself.

I was going to leave a comment to the effect that socialism & capitalism are two sides of the same coin, but I decided that it was an hoary observation to make and only marginally on topic. So I skittered over here to my territory to make the point.

My sights are on "production," which obsesses both the capitalist and the socialist. Socialists, to me, are humane folks who have bought the frame of the greedheads (the capitalists - to me, again.)

It is as to point to the "wonders" of the pyramids - the folliest of human folly - realize that they are a monument to slavery, and then go into elaborate intellectual yoga on how to build them more humanely.

No - they are folly, narcissism, wastes of the oxygen breathed and the heartbeats beat of the laborers who labored and the kings who decreed. Just because they are big and they last a really, really long time seems to just gob-smack us out of perspective.

Such it is with production. When one looks at human need, true human need... just what is served by production?

Update: On an entirely different subject, Arthur Silbur makes my point (entitled "Odds, and One Regrettable Usual End" - I can't seem to get a direct link on this infernal dial-up). His (entirely correct) point is concerned with the tribalism of the left/right, and I would submit that framing is a step-maiden of this problem. Specifically, that either "side" ignores the elephant-in-the-room in their endless debating.
Update II: Here's that link: Odds, and One Regrettable Usual End