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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Media Spin (And Me, Again).

Part 1

I really should start another blog if I'm going to post about me - except that I can't seem to keep up with just one. So scratch that idea for now.

As I note on, where these are posted, this is a great example of media misinformation. They had a story (overqualified professionals forced to flip burgers), and a guy who happened to be a programmer for a few decades and is, in fact, flipping burgers late in life. While I explained that I wasn't the "hard-luck case" that they were looking for, all I got were blank stares and friendly smiles as they filmed/interviewed me. (For the record: I voluntarily "dropped out" of the corporate scene a few years ago, before the economic meltdown.)

When they were finished with the editing - voila! - they had an "overqualified professional forced to flip burgers." (Though I did get to say "greedheads" on the tee vee. Hee.) This is not the most egregious example, of course - the story does exist out there, many times over I'm sure. But it is, at the least, journalistic laziness to just use yours truly as a stand-in for that.

I am Joe The Plumber.

(And I really am loving the shit out of flipping the burgers.)

Part 2