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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Bagdad Hawthorne SE
Photo courtesy The Overland Agency
As a rule, I have not used this forum for personal blogging - and I plan on keeping it that way - but I am overwhelmed with guilt for not posting much lately. This has been for various reasons, not the least of them being my recent relocation from Phoenix to Portland. And me being stuck with dial-up for the time being.

This shot looks towards the Bagdad Theatre & Pub in the very, very cool Hawthorne SE district of my new adopted city. This is my neighborhood - hang a left at the light up ahead and my digs are less than 2 blocks down.

With a fond farewell to Phoenix, I am very happy to be here.


  1. Mike,

    So glad your happy and finding ways in Portland. There is lots of good produce in the area. Take a trip to the Olympic National Park if possible. Thr Quinault Rain Forest is spectacular.

    Edgar Cave Urbanus

  2. Thank you, sir. In fact, most of the produce we've been cooking with are from local gardens - tomatoes, squash, onions, etc. There're a lot of growers in this neighborhood.

    Found a cooking gig, so things are moving right along.

    Thanks for stopping by! See you sometime soon, I hope.


  3. I hope you find Portland more to your liking, I think you will. Of course we all miss you here in Phoenix. In (short) time I think you will find that all this chaos was for the best - and I hope to meet you again in a few years. Stay recalcitrant and limber!

  4. Recalcitrant and limber? I resemble that remark!

  5. Hats off, Petro, and the best of luck to you. I also backed into the restaurant biz after several career starts and stops and I also found reward beyond the monetary. "There are no small jobs...etc."

  6. Hey, thanks for stopping by, scribbler. It's an honor. (I came to your site via Wolcott, BTW).

  7. Hey Petro~
    Always enjoy reading your blog. You've been quiet lately.
    What do you think of Portland in December?

  8. Toddlehouse -

    It's cold in December, at least this year :). What do I know?


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