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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holy Crap!

Jaw Drop
Courtesy of Bonnie Rockwaller

I feel poised upon what I can only describe as a great tension, a not so distant rumbling of a fast-approaching series of "Holy Crap!" moments.

  • Crooks & Liars has the clip up of President Obama admitting that there is some space for justice as re torture, the new American tragedy wrapped in a travesty. Architects of legal "justifications" are fair game (one a sitting judge on the 9th Circuit, and may I invite you to his impeachment?), according to the President (as if it's his call, right DOJ?), and it looks like even some down-line sadists might have colored outside of the OLC memo lines, timeline-wise and outright no-that-was-bugshit-crazy-wise (although the insect-in-a-casket bit - APPROVED - is pretty goddam bugshit-crazy.) My take: He seemed artfully recalcitrant ("oh, y'all are making me do it!") to my discerning ears. And did I hear our President dogwhistling us to get off of our lazy asses and push Congress to do something about this shit because he really can't without bringing a shitstorm of Sturm and Drang (ok, that's redundant) from the offended offenders?

  • Impeaching Jay Bybee, which I mentioned above. This thing is actually "percolating," as John notes. This ain't the anti-big-gubmint mewling that normally savages Federal judges. This is a righteous assault, and it is big mojo if it goes forward.

  • This is kind of a riff off of the above, but... is it me, or is Dick starting to get a bit weird? OK, "weird" is the wrong word - let's optimistically call it "nervous." I actually think he'd be breaking a sweat if he weren't so mean with his precious bodily fluids (my apologies to Gen. Jack D. Ripper, who at least earned military credentials in Hollywoodland.)

  • Obama's recent fealty to "controversial" heads-of-state and well-placed canines has me all a-twitter. Yes, I said "fealty," you knuckledraggers. Except it isn't fealty - I know from personal experience that treating with respect even those you might have a raised-eyebrow over not only shows grace and dignity, but it actually somehow magically inspires it in the Other. But that's probably TMI for you lot. Anyway, if this American President truly begins to air the odious narrative of our relationship with our brothers in the Hemisphere of the Americas, well, I just may be losing my breath here...

  • Masters of the Universe who swelled with schadenfreude over the Spitzer take-down may soon find that they hath preened too much, wethinks. looseheadprop is on this story. Part one of three in a series, more is coming. I read everything looseheadprop writes (and do not neglect emptywheel), and you would be smarter, too, if you did. Oh, hell, all of is a fucking university. Even their regular commentors are frequently illuminating. While I'm this, Jane says Marcy needs our support, and I think she's on to something bigger at the same time.

  • No links here, just a thought. The debate over the War on Drugs is back, after being savaged, like so many things were, in 2001. The all-heat-and-no-light "conversation" on borders, violence, guns, drugs is starting to look pretty non-substantive. We are moving into no-nonsense times, and I don't think we're going to put up with the same old.

  • The Kleig Lights chunked upon Wall Street are illuminating all sorts of things not restricted to that lit scenery. There is some serious cognitive dissonance going on right now, and while that is a useful way of keeping us proles discouraged, as long as the distractions are cheap and plenty, dissonance can have a backlash. A major component of this sort of psychic shrug is to Question Everything. From my own Friedman-esque conversations with the "common man," I am seeing a new willingness to look at situations more holistically - or "systemically," in the pop parlance.

    When people are of a mind to make connections, it becomes a habit. And making connections bodes ill for a host of smug malefactors. One can hope that it is a Dawn, but more... that we have had, evermore, Enlightenment-strength, enough of that sort of Night.

    But I am an optimist.

    Update: Froomkin via C&L.

    Update II: Jane and Marcy and the gang are burning the midnight oil and finding some usefully ugly details in the SASC "torture" Report.

    Update III: Looks like Karl's feelin' a little Holy Crap!, too.

    Update IV: Jeebus, Missouri Senator Kit Bond is doin' the crazy, too. One of his more coherent defenses (the others are just batshit - why do Republicans constantly get away with bashing troops?) is that Bush, Inc. is off the hook because reps in both Houses knew about it all anyway and approved (Bond is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.) We'll leave aside, for the moment, that it is pretty clear that the revelations in the SASC Report are apparently, well, revelations to these cleared committees as well - the disclosure of inner deliberations of the White House is credibly out of bounds in this forum, suspicion unnecessary. The point is that Sen. Bond is basically inferring that he himself knew about what went on in the basements of Cheneytown. His shrillness in this clip tells me that he did know... just not that he knew through the official channels, to so implicate his colleagues.

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