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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby, Don't You Do It...

Inauguration 2009

...don't you break my heart.

Dear President Obama,

Do you see all of those people? They believe in you.

Don't you do it.

Yours, with hope,


Update: Good, hopefully auspicious, start. Fellow Arizonan bmaz:
An incredibly welcome move by an administration literally only hours into its initial term. You have to hand it to President Obama, Guantanamo is a sensitive topic, especially with the neocon screechers, yet he proved the courage of his convictions and acted immediately upon being sworn in.

Update II: More...

Update III: Wow, I'm starting to think that this guy is serious. By my lights, I think this is the boldest (and perhaps riskiest) move by Barack, a meaty facedown with the elites.

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