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Monday, November 10, 2008

McCain 2010?

Courtesy of Comedy Central'sIndecision 2008
Back in January, I wrote of McCain:
When he loses - loses - the first general election which he finally scrapped his way into, can we now, finally, put a fork in the Arizona Senator?...

Oh, and when Joe Lieberman loses the race with him as the VP pick... do we dare to hope that we can knock both of these asshats out of the Senate as well?
OK, I was was wrong about the Lieberman pick (he did want to pick him, though). But the question lingers - will we see the Senator renewing his charter in 2010, when he, along with around 34 of his colleagues, will be coming up for review?

Chances are good, I am rather despondent to predict. As was foreshadowed by his "gracious"* concession speech, John Sydney McCain III is fixin' to throw a barbeque for all us liberals, progressives, Socialists, and pal around-ers. We shall be treated to a saucy dish, folksy and contrite (McCain knows contrite), about how downright tickled he is that such a young and energetic former adversary bested him because, "after all, he's only doing what I wanted to do for America."

This of course assumes that President-elect Obama (delish typing that, as we are wont to point out) will be at that point delighting us all with his presidentin' (OMG - the Bushspeak lingers) - given that, I am certain that Senior John will be hanging ten on that wave for all he is worth.

* I quote "gracious" not to be facetious, but only to acknowledge the adjective which has been universally - and accurately! - applied by the "MSM" and the "new media".


I want to make a sober point regarding my flip quote above ("delighting us all with his presidentin'"). To my mind, "delight" is not of that shiny-object everything-is-okie-dokie what's-on-the-teevee-tonite kind of delight. Delight is seeing that real challenges are being realistically perceived, and that, with the consent of the public, actions are being drawn up, debated, and put into play.

Delight is the wrong word. This is excitement. Go USA!

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