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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Eggman Goeth?

Drudge Elephant Song

caught my eye over at Crooks & Liars. Nicole highlights a post at Media Matters which notes (distilled to the point by moi, and emphasis is moine, er, mine):
The race is unrecognizable in terms of where the players are situated now and where they were five weeks ago... Now ask yourself: What role has the Drudge Report played in that burst of campaign movement? The answer, of course, is zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. His trademark flashing red lights have gone missing.

The dynamics of the campaign have irrevocably changed, and the mighty Drudge Report, the news site Beltway journalists trip over themselves to genuflect in front of, has been a complete bystander in the closing weeks of the 2008 campaign. [..]

The reason is simple. ...we're now in serious times... the Drudge Report doesn't do serious. The American public's attention has shifted from the campaign to the economy, and that's why the Drudge Report remains largely irrelevant to that unfolding story...
This non-news I would, normally, just give a pass, but this is personal.

I have a dear friend, a self-professed liberal - one of those "sellouts" we gnashed our teeth and tore our garments over during the Reagan-era Wall Street zombification of the True Believers (a sincere pedigree, indeed... how many of us weren't?) This man is a Deadhead, and to his eternal credit often was on his heels in shame during some of my more pious rants of the last two decades (for which I reserve my own share of shame, but that is beside this point). (This song still freaks him out, to this day.)

Oh, but when it comes to Drudge - whenever I iterate that I never link to that accursed fool and he rejoins with the smug information that he checks in with The Eggman daily, well, he's like a guy on the subway gripping a Wall Street Journal snootily eyeing some schmuck chugging through the New York Post. Like, he's gettin' the "inside." (Well, he is a broker.) Quite infuriating.

Hey, Jeff: The Drudge Report doesn't do serious. Hey now!

GD Bears

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