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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cheery Words From Wolcott In These Difficult Times


In getting right to it, Let the Hieronymous Bosch Worm Dance Begin!:
...I don't want the Republican Party simply defeated in November, I want to see it smashed beyond all recognition, in such wriggling, writhing, anguished disarray that it can barely reconstitute itself, so desperate for answers that it looks to Newt Gingrich for visionary guidance, his wisdom and insight providing the perfect cup of hemlock to finish off the conservative movement for good so that it can rot in the salted earth of memory unmissed and unmourned in toxic obscurity.

I really don't think that's too much to ask, even in these frugal times.
It really is almost worth the ruination of Western civilization.

Seriously, though - even if this situation goes all "New-Deally" and the upward arc begins anew, these ideas, and their heirs, will be back again. Even if humankind felicitously breaks down into local, greeny, sustainable tribal units - well, the pursuit of wealth (which is more accurately characterized as the lust to be "betters") will decimate even these dulcet arrangements.

The question is - will enough hearts have been set right, proportionally speaking, to keep the greedheads busy at the docket, too busy to hawk their madness?

This hope amidst catastrophe, by the way, is why "they" say "we" hate America. Just remember that we are "hating" America, Inc. - not the America of the Enlightenment, the Constitution, the "of, by and for" America. You know, the real aspirational one.

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